A Photographer’s Guide: Tips to Creatively Photograph a Wedding Ceremony

Funny how the most vital part of a wedding—the ceremony—is often the last thing we think of when it comes to planning the wedding photography. There are certain shots that need to be taken during this moment, but let’s face it, the ceremony can be kind of boring from a photographer’s standpoint. It’s basically just two people standing in the same place for a really long time.

So, the challenge here is really in the photographer. How can you make this monotonous moment look amazing in photos? For a few tips and insights, here’s what Saiaf Films, an Indian Wedding Photographer Bay Area, can share to all aspiring photographers out there.

1. Try suggesting a digital-free wedding

We’ve noticed that a digital-free ceremony is becoming more and more popular nowadays. If you haven’t considered suggesting this to your clients, try doing so. Most of the clients we’ve worked with here at Saiaf Films don’t mind this policy, especially when they know this will help collect better wedding photos afterwards.

The best time to suggest this is after you feel that you’ve gained the trust of your clients or after the engagement session.

2. Make an escape plan.

Take some time to gather your team and walk through where each person is going to be during different parts of the ceremony. Grab a copy of the program and go over it step by step: Who’s going to be up front to get the bride coming down the aisle with her dad? Where is the groom coming from? Who’s going to get the groom’s reaction when he sees his bride for the first time? Is there something special the couple is doing during the ceremony, like lighting a unity candle?

A good Arab Wedding Photographer San Jose arrives ready into a wedding and knows very well what to do. The actual ceremony is not the time to talk to your team, and most likely you will be limited to communicating discreetly via text or quick hand gestures.

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3. Shoot through stuff.

We’ve already mentioned that ceremonies are basically people standing in front of other people for a long time, so how many different shots can you really get?

One easy (and kind of fun) thing to do is to shoot through objects that are at the ceremony site. It is a fun little game commonly played by Hindu Wedding Videographer Houston. Flowers, chandeliers, bushes and even people will work. But of course, please get the safe shots first, and then if you have more time to spare, experiment what you can come up with.

4. Capture the key players.

Before the ceremony gets started you’ve probably already figured out who the key players of the day are—parents, grandparents, siblings, the maid of honor, and the best man. Besides getting lots of pictures of the couple, a good Sikh Wedding Photographer Bay Area should be able to capture each of these people during the ceremony. These folks are the most likely to show emotions and get you those golden-ticket shots.

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