5 Top Secrets to Amazing Outdoor Photography

When you try to imagine gorgeous wedding photos, you’d probably think of couple shots outside the church or the reception venue. But there are plenty of practicalities to bear in mind before you head outdoors. Here, Saiaf Films will share with you some insider tips to perfect your outdoor wedding photography.

Plan It Right

Never just hope for the best. Discuss exactly what you want with your Chandler wedding photographer in advance. Have a plan regarding the outside shots you want and what you’d like to achieve with them. And get your photographer to set up lighting or props before you head out. That way, if it’s freezing, you can be in and out as quickly as possible.

Be Flexible With Locations

Make the most of what your venue has to offer. If you’ve got access to gorgeous views — use them! If you’ve got quirky or rustic features, incorporate them, too. For something more formal, a fairly neutral backdrop, like bushes, is ideal. Your Scottsdale hindu wedding photographer will help you with this—the’ll walk around the venue and scout for great spots for photos. Listen to your photographer and trust their directions, even if they ask you to sit on a haystack.

Embrace the Wind

Blustery breezes can add some fun to your photos. Imagine a fun picture of you with your veil blowing over your groom’s face with both of you laughing. If you’re not keen on the windswept look, you don’t necessarily need to head indoors—use the windy weather as an excuse to snuggle with your partner for romantic shots.

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Timing Is Everything

Be flexible about portraits as your Hindu Wedding Videographer might only have a couple of minutes’ notice when the light is looking right on a cloudy day. And consider scheduling two photo sessions—one session mid-afternoon, around the drinks reception, and another one in the hour leading up to sunset. The former provides an opportunity for beautiful shots making the most of the surroundings, while the latter offers perfect, soft lighting for romantic shots.

Control the Direction of the Sun
Obviously, we can’t tell the sun where to go but we can move ourselves! For our more adventurous elopement couples, this usually means we can help them decide where the ceremony should be and what direction they should face. For our couples getting married at a venue that has an established ceremony site, this often means choosing which side of the ceremony to shoot from. Typically, I will opt to shoot from the side with more direct sunlight. This allows me to expose for people’s faces and get a good exposure of the backdrop as well.

Depth of Field
When it comes to outdoor wedding photography, it is important to recognize that people choose to get married outside for a reason. Often, the setting is very important to the couples we photograph and what they are looking for in their outdoor wedding photos. This means that in order to tell their story, we need to include the background in their photos. This translates to shooting at a higher aperture, especially when shooting longer lenses.

Knock Down Powerlines and Other Distractions

As an outdoor Hindu Wedding Videographer, we wish all power transmission lines could be installed underground and we could completely eliminate overhead power lines. They are often obtrusive and turn what would be a beautiful clean backdrop and turn it into a cluttered distracting maze of little black lines. Ideally, you can position yourself to eliminate them altogether, but in come locations that is just not possible. By getting low to the ground, power lines can be minimized.

Dress for the Elements

Being a Hindu Wedding Videographer, we often encounter all the elements of a wedding day. We have found it incredibly important to remain comfortable so that we can focus our energy on creativity. This means coming prepared and dressing for the weather. We try to be as warm, dry, and comfortable as possible so that we can give our clients all of our attention. This means we almost always have a puffy jacket, hat, gloves, rain jacket, umbrella, and extra layers in our bag.


When it comes to photography, many little problems can be fixed easily after the wedding. Don’t worry about things like flyaway strands of hair or even your double chin. They can easily be corrected by your Pakistani photographer scottsdale during post-processing.

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