Getting the Most Out of Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

When wedding planning are well underway, it’s easy to forget documenting the engagement, which is also memorable. There are many benefits of pre-wedding photoshoot, ranging from trying out your wedding photographer and having a set of images to use during the wedding planning phase, to loosening up in front of the camera to ensuring a relaxed environment on your wedding day.

We spoke to the one of the most trusted Scottsdale Hindu Wedding Photographer, Saiaf Films, for their surefire ways to a fail-proof pre-wedding photoshoot and how to ensure you’ll be getting the most out of this wonderful pre-wedding experience.

Why should you have a pre-wedding photoshoot?

There are a few reasons. Getting engaged is a pretty big moment in anyone’s life and having some great pictures together with your beau to keep and look back on is pretty cool. It’s also a great way of getting some pictures to use for your wedding. A guest book, a signing board or save the date cards could all feature images from your pre-wedding shoot. You can also practice. Your Indian Wedding Photographer Chicago will work with you in terms of posing. Most couples aren’t models and need a bit of directing to look good in pictures: how to stand, where to put your hands and feet… it’s all the photographer’s knowledge you can use for your wedding pictures.

How to prepare for a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Style your clothes comfortably

Wear something stylish and comfortable at the same time, something you feel good and confident in. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, it will translate to the pictures. If you don’t mind going bold and daring, go ahead and follow your heart. If you want to go ball gown and black tie, do it. Just a few things to keep in mind: Avoid stripes, checkered or anything with a big logo on it. Generally, they don’t look great in pictures. Plus, you don’t want loud clothing designs and prints to outstage you and your fiance.

Pick the right location

Discuss the location with your Bengali Wedding Photographer. Is the location you want even possible, since some areas require a permit to shoot. Some areas are really busy, especially in the summer months. Choose a place where you will get lots of variety in your pictures but be guided by your photographer. They know the locations that will work and those that won’t.

Trust the photographer you’ve chosen

Pick an Indian Wedding Photographer New Orleans whose portfolio and aesthetics you admire, and trust that he will deliver. Imposing a certain type of style that’s not quite his or her personal aesthetic may make your photos look contrived. Which brings us to the next point…

Use Pinterest pictures as inspiration

Use Pinterest simply as an ‘inspiration,’ do not replicate. Plenty of factors affect the way your pictures will turn out so you can show your Indian Wedding Photographer New Orleans your references and the mood you’d like to convey but not aim to mimic the exact pose, setting or expression. Plenty of fantastic photos you see online were shot candidly and probably unexpectedly. So relax, trust your photographer and let the magic happen!

Practice your poses

While your New Orleans Indian Wedding Photographer will be on hand to guide you, it’ll help save plenty of time and frustration if you know what works for you, and what doesn’t. If you’re an avid selfie-taker, you might already know which angles or side of your face looks better. If not, try it out with a mirror at home.

Cosy up
Wedding photos are meant to capture the love and intimacy between a couple. So don’t hesitate to plant a kiss on her cheek, lean in for a romantic kiss, or lean on his shoulder. Just don’t turn it into an all-out smoochfest that’ll make it awkward for your Indian Wedding Photographer.

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What should you be asking your photographer before you book them for your pre-wedding shoot?

Ask to see lots of engagement shoots they have done to get a good feel of their work. Are they consistent? Do you like what they have created for other people? Do their pictures make you feel excited about the prospect of them shooting yours? Also, Saiaf Films recommend to book a pro to do your hair and make-up. You can also ask your Indian Wedding Photographer New Orleans to recommend a good artist for the job.

When should you be thinking about having this pre-wedding shoot?

If you have already booked the photographer to shoot your wedding, then we’d say a few months before the wedding, so what worked for you is still fresh in your mind. But if you are road-testing the photographer, in the hopes that you may book them for your wedding, then as soon as you can. Good photographers get booked up very quickly.

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