Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

Having your wedding recorded onto a DVD to re-watch over and over again is a great investment and means that you’ll be able to see parts of your wedding day that you may haven’t been able to witness or remember. An Indian Wedding Videographer New York will be able to discuss how they can film your big day and what packages are available, based around your preferences and personal wedding budget.

However, if you’re unsure of what to ask a New York Indian Wedding Videographer during your initial meeting, take advice from Saiaf Films, an Indian Wedding Videographer and photographer with passion for capturing wedding moments and turning them into beautiful wedding mementos.

What is your style of videography?

If you’re at the stage of speaking with an Indian Wedding Videographer New York, you should already have perused their portfolio to get a rough feel of what their story-telling style is because there is no such thing as a standard wedding video and not every style suits every couple.

Perhaps you prefer wedding videos shot in the cinematographic style of a movie? Or, maybe, you’re partial to a fast-paced news style or a slower, more documentary style where your love story will unfold? You’ll only know what style your potential wedding videographer shoots if you’ve watched their show reels and/or videos of previous weddings.

If you like their general style, but want something a little different, don’t immediately discount them. Ask the question: what other styles can you shoot in? Why? Because they may have multiple camera operators and editors who can shoot and cut video in your preferred style even though their show reel doesn’t necessarily reflect it.

Can I see a full length video of someone else’s wedding

This one is more like a request than a question—ask to see a full-length video of one of their recent weddings. All videographers show multiple short sample videos on their websites. They use them as little trailers to promote their film-making services. But, just like any film trailer, only the very best bits of the entire video are used. What you need to make sure, if you book this person to film your wedding, is whether the rest of your video will be the same quality as the stuff you see in their sample video.

How do you operate in a wedding?

You’ve seen a video you like on someone’s site. All the shots look perfect and you wonder how they got that unbelievable footage of the couple kissing, silhouetted against the setting sun. And so, you decided to book. Then, your wedding day came; you’re stuck for an hour with a videographer who keeps ordering you how and where to pose while they hover around you in various settings. When choosing a Bengali Wedding Videographer Scottsdale, ponder this: When I watch my wedding video, do I want to remember my wedding day? … Or remember posing for the video? Most likely, you’ll prefer the former.

How many weddings have you filmed?

No matter how experienced your videographer when it comes to filming and editing, you definitely want to know how many weddings they’ll have filmed prior to your own big day.

Filming a wedding is vastly different from filming, say, a TV commercial or a film. Weddings are about capturing certain key moments and conveying the feel of your big days and telling a story. You want to know that your Indian Wedding Videographer New York, no matter how technically perfect he or she may be, will be able to read the mood of your event and, of course, record your big day without missing out on key moments.

This only comes with experience, so you probably don’t want your wedding to be a videographer’s first job.

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Are you the videographer who will capture my wedding day?

If you’re meeting with a wedding supplier, be they an Indian Wedding Videographer New York or a New York wedding caterer, ask if they are the person (or people) who will be servicing your wedding on the day or whether someone else will be there.

You don’t want to spend your day discussing your terms, requests and expectations to someone who wouldn’t be there on your wedding day. So if the person you’re meeting isn’t the person who will be shooting your wedding, ask to meet them before you seal the deal.

How many camera people and cameras will be operating on the day?

Be sure to ask how many people will be shooting your wedding day – and how many cameras they will be operating.

Obviously, this will vary on the wedding videographer’s staff and equipment, but also on your own wedding budget.

Can I have a few contacts of your most recent clients?

Ask for references and read reviews and testimonials. In modern society where everything seems conveniently accessible online, customer reviews are the best way of gauging the reputation of a business. Read reviews about your Indian Wedding Videographer Phoenix in sites like weddingwire.com to gather helpful reviews from vendors’ clients.

If you’re thinking of hiring a Sikh Wedding Videographer Phoenix for your special day, make sure to keep these tips in mind when scouring the market for the most exceptional pro.

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