Mays and Ali’s Iraq-Arab Wedding

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/IMG_4134-Edit.jpg   When we first met Mays and Ali, we were truly impressed by their happy demeanor. They were very kind and had a noticeable and passionate bond. When they first contact us, they were in search of an Iraq-Arab Wedding Photographer and videographer for their wedding. Mays and Ali wanted a team that specialized in breathtaking wedding photos and videography. With years of experience in Iraq-Arab wedding photography, we were confident that we could deliver exactly what they wanted.

Mays and Ali’s multicultural wedding was held at the elegant Ashley Castle in Chandler, AZ. It was a beautiful culmination of the Iraq-Arab and Muslim culture. At the start of the day, our team had the privilege of spending the entire day with the stunning couple. The extended amount of time allowed our Iraq-Arab wedding photographers the opportunity to capture breathtaking footage of the bride and groom as they prepared for their wedding. Our female wedding photographer accompanied Mays as she prepared for her special night while our male wedding photographer captured shots of Ali.


The Ashley Castle is a stunning and eye-catching venue. With a classy and elegant appeal, this location provided our team of Iraq-Arab wedding photographers with spectacular backdrops for amazing wedding photos. When it came time to capture photos of the couple together, the options were limitless for unforgettable shots. Some of our favorites were of Mays and Ali under an angelic gazebo. The architecture and landscape of the Ashley Castle were the perfect compliment to their charming photos. Mays and Ali had such an alluring energy about them which made their photos even more unforgettable.


Their reception was a marvelous event! The decor was elegant and fitting to the aura of their wedding. The couple had an epic and unforgettable grand entrance! Their guest had a contagious and invigorating energy about them and the excitement for Mays and Ali’s union was undeniable. The couple and their guests danced and enjoyed the evening in bliss! To this day, our team of Iraq-Arab wedding photographers are still impressed by the vibrancy and elegance of Mays and Ali’s multicultural wedding. Thank you Mays and Ali for choosing Saiaf Films!