Planning A Big Wedding?


As traveling a Lebanese wedding photographer San Francisco, our team at Saiaf Films has attended a an impressive variety of wedding events throughout the nation. Some have been small, quaint and totally intimate. Others have been extravagant and included an impressive multitude of guests. Over the years, we have gathered a thorough understanding of what it takes to accommodate a smaller wedding- and those on the larger scale. If you and your beloved both have a large group of friends or have a large family, you are probably going to have a fairly large guest list. Here, our team would like to share our tips and ideas for hosting a big wedding and what it takes to make it awesome!

The Venue: The size of your venue is a super important detail if you are planning a big wedding. Be sure to visit your venue- in person- before you settle. You will want to scope out the space and do some planning on what will go where and whether or not there will be enough room to accommodate all of your guests. You don’t want your guests to feel crowded or clustered in a small area. When you visit the venue, envision where the tables will go and if there will be space in between them for your guests to move around and mingle if necessary. Also, check out the dance floor area! Is there enough room for a large amount of guests to boogie? If not, you may consider relocating or designating additional dance floor space.

Give Guests Something To Do: When you are having a big wedding with a large amount of guests, certain moments will take up more time than others. Dinner time will be one of those moments. It will take some time for people to get their food, so why not give them something to do in between? Consider having a photo booth where your guests can take some memorable photos? Another growing trend is a snack or a treat buffet where your guests can design snack bags.

See Everyone: With a big wedding, this can be easier said than done! But, if possible, the bride and/or groom should try and see and visit with all of their guests. With a four to five hour reception, you should be able to make it around to see everyone. If it doesn’t seem possible, perhaps planning a rehearsal dinner or a welcome party for your out of town guests might be a good idea. Just remember, your wedding guests are coming to see and celebrate your union- try not to leave anyone out.

So how about it? Ready to plan your big wedding? If you need some stunning wedding inspiration, stop by our photo gallery to check out some of the gorgeous weddings we have had the privilege to attend!