Wedding Spotlight: Maha and Hussein’s San Jose Wedding

San Jose Wedding

As traveling wedding photographers and videographers, our team has had the pleasure of visiting an enormous amount of impressive locations for weddings. One of our favorite places to visit is San Jose, CA. With beautiful scenery and gorgeous backdrops, filming a San Jose wedding is both exciting and memorable for our team. With Maha and Hussein’s San Jose wedding, we had the ability to capture some magnificent shots.

When the couple first contacted us, we knew it was going to be an exciting event. They were a vibrant couple and had planned a grand wedding with around 200-300 guests. On the day of their wedding, we had the opportunity to shoot at the Pasadena Grand Courthouse. The photos we captured were breathtaking. The architecture was surreal and manifested an unforgettable backdrop. With grand columns and artistic arches, the Grand Courthouse was dramatic and perfect for their wedding photography.



For the ceremony, Maha wore an elegant hijab with a beautiful jeweled headband on top. The jewels matched perfectly with the diamond belt that surrounded her white wedding gown. Her veil hung nicely from her hijab and draped down the back of her wedding dress. She was both beautiful and traditional for her San Jose wedding event.



For their reception, the beautiful couple had a gorgeous purple and silver wedding theme. The reception hall was elegantly decorated and was the perfect atmosphere for dancing and an all night celebration. For their first dance, the couple implemented the use of a fog machine to create an amazing and unforgettable ambiance. The rest of the evening was exciting as their friends and family celebrated. Maha and Hussein’s San Jose wedding traditional and memorable for our team at Saiaf Films. Thank you Maha and Hussein for allowing us the wonderful opportunity to attend your wedding and capturing your beautiful memories.