Why You Can’t Expect Your Photographer to Give You Raw Photos

When you hire a Michigan Hindu Wedding Photographer, you are not just hiring them to provide a service. Yes, they will be there all day taking photos. However, for a wedding photographer, that is just a small part of the job you are paying for. Once the day is over, your photographer will pack up, go back to their office and edit a day’s worth of photos, which is probably hundreds or even over a thousand of them.

Do you really want your Michigan Hindu Wedding Photography to just go and give them all to you? You simply cannot expect that from the pros. They are picking the best ones from the bunch to be able to put together a beautiful story.

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1. You may not be able to open it

The first reason why your Michigan Hindu Wedding Videographer may not give you raw files is because you may not be able to view them. They may be in some other type of file that you may not be able to access from your computer.

2. Raw files are huge

As you know, RAW files take up a lot of space. Your Michigan Hindu Wedding Videography doesn’t want to burden you with gigabytes of unedited photos. And frankly, we here at Saiaf Films wouldn’t burden ourselves with uploading/copying them either.

3. Raw files don’t look right.

Raw, straight-out-of-camera photos look unfinished. While editing, your photographer can retrieve the details, crop the photos, edit something out, emphasize something else… etc. The end result looks natural, yet with appropriate lighting and filtering. Unfortunately, to non-photographers, raw photo simply looks like a bad photo, and it makes us look like a bad photographer.

4. It can damage their reputation

Our photography is our brand, and it includes everything we put into making our final images. The editing process is a big part of creating the final product. It adds to our personal style. This is why we don’t want someone else to edit our raw file badly, publish it online and credit us. It’s not something we’d put our name on.

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