Wedding Spotlight: Zaydee and Alberto’s Hispanic Wedding

  When we first met Zaydee and Alberto, we were extremely intrigued by their personalities. They were exciting, lively and completely in love. They had a passion for each other that was so strong and apparent. The beautiful couple was planning a Hispanic wedding with about 100-150 people at the stunning Villa Siena– and we couldn’t wait to be a part of it!

When the wedding day arrived, we knew it was going to be an amazing event. The couple had selected a gorgeous color palette of deep purples, blues and an ivory white. Zaydee looked absolutely spectacular in her  wedding gown that was adorned with impressive jewels and beadwork. RAW6-SD286-1912-She was accented with diamond earrings and an eye-catching diamond hair clip that held her hair beautifully in place. Even her wedding shoes were perfectly selected to match her wedding ensemble. Zaydee looked absolutely radiant for her big day.

At this particular event, we were given the opportunity to capture unforgettable photos. The Villa Siena is full of RAW6-SD286-74-amazing backdrops for perfect wedding photos. With dramatic archways, eye-catching greenery and scenic architecture- this venue was a wedding photographer’s dream come true! Inside the venue itself, there was grand ballroom that was accented with perfect wedding lighting and adorned with an almost medieval chandelier.

RAW5-SD227-209-As a Multicultural wedding photographer Texas, our team always appreciates the difference in the cultured weddings we attend. This particular Hispanic wedding held a loving and close-knit ambiance. The couple’s families were intriguing to watch as their bond was so obvious. At one particular moment, Zaydee had a first look with her father. It was done by surprise, and the moment was deep and memorable. She came out of the room, nearly in tears- and her father’s reaction was priceless. Our team cherishes these monumental moments. Thank you Zaydee and Alberto for allowing our team the beautiful opportunity to capture your Hispanic wedding on film! We wish you luck in your amazing future together.