Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding Photographs Exciting


Indian weddings are colourful, unique and simply remarkable. They vary from state to state and sometimes even from city to city. Rituals, dresses, ceremony and time of the affair are different all across the world. However, one thing is for sure, weddings are enormously fun and leave everlasting memories. And the best way to treasure these memories for a lifetime is through photos.

1. Get a Fun Photographer

A professional Muslim Wedding Photographer Phoenix gives an impression of strictness, but really it’s up to finding the friendliest one in the pack. When looking for an Indian Wedding Photographer, notice their personality. A fun and quirky Muslim Wedding Photographer, like Saiaf Films, will make the experience light and pleasurable for you. Instead of having to endure hours of awkward posing, a playful photographer will let you enjoy the moment with your soon-to-be-spouse and simply work discreetly in the background, clicking all the sweet moments away.

Also, try to look for one who does wedding videos as well. Having a photographer who can do both wedding photography and videography will save you a lot of money.

Did you know Saiaf Films gives you Copyrights to your Photos?


2. Go for Outdoor Shoots

Outdoor shoots, whether for your pre-wedding photo shoot or for on-the-day shoot, can make wedding photo sessions fun and exciting. The colorful backdrops provided by gardens, beaches and other outdoor venues lend an instant exquisiteness to every wedding photo. Exploit the cities around Arizona or go for destination photo shoots in the neighbouring states of Colorado or Utah. And don’t forget to sport several Hollywood and Bollywood poses to bring a filmy touch to your wedding photographs.

3. Involve Your Wedding Party

Involving your wedding groomsmen and bridesmaids in your pre-wedding shoot gives your South Asian Wedding Photographer more variations of fun shots. With more people involved, it’s easy to create candid and funny images. For example, for a group of six people, you can dress up to look like characters of the popular TV series Friends, where the couple can dress up as Monica and Chandler. With these photography style, you can also freely chit chat with your friends, since the focus of this photography style is to capture candid moments. No need for your full attention, like how formal portraits require you to keep steady.

So, if you are looking for a fun Indian Wedding Photographer Phoenix, Saiaf Films is the perfect team for you.

Get Hitched in Phoenix

It’s no surprise that downtown Phoenix is one of the best locations to get married in Arizona. There simply aren’t many places you can go where the winter months feel like spring time. With Phoenix’s versatile weather, you can get married in the months of November through April and still have the perfect weather. With ideal temps going no lower than 65 degrees, this means temperatures are perfect for taking those memorable wedding photos outside, having an outdoor cocktail hour, or simply wearing the perfect dress fit for comfortable weather – sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

And who can look past the backdrops around town? They are jaw-dropping! There is something to be said about the juxtaposition of a man in a suit and a woman in a stunning wedding gown standing in front of a graffiti wall.

Lastly, lets not forget the historic Warehouse District. There is nothing like having your wedding reception in a warehouse that was built in the late 1800s. Your guests will be in awe as they approach an unpredictable space that reveals something by far exceptionally unexpected! Surprise your guests with something special and create that memorable experience for those who will just envy the fact you just scored an incredible location to celebrate your nuptials.

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