4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Day

Emotional exhaustion, family pressures and the stress of wedding planning, even if you have a Muslim Wedding Planner, can get the better of some brides on their wedding day, leading to post-wedding blues and feelings of regret. Take a look at these five top tips that Saiaf Films recommend to every bride to ensure you have an amazing experience on your most special day.

Eat throughout the day

Make sure to start your day with a big nutritious breakfast that will keep you going. Depending on the time of your ceremony, you might not have another chance to eat, so take the opportunity to fill yourself with food that’ll keep your energy levels high. With the ceremony, post-ceremony photographs, socializing and some more reception photos with Saiaf Films, your body will need refuelling to keep you going the entire day. Don’t skimp on the wedding breakfast; you need to eat enough to keep yourself going for the rest of the day (and night). Plus, your extravagant buffet cost you an arm and a leg, so might as well enjoy it.

Get an on-the-day coordinator/planner

As much as you can convince yourself that you can handle everything on the day, it’s inevitable that things will get on top of you. By hiring an Arab Wedding Planner to take charge of your wedding day, you’re taking the pressure off yourself and handing the reins to someone far more experienced. On-the-day coordinators and planners literally organise weddings as a living, so you can feel safe knowing that they are confident with timings, suppliers and managing guests. Furthermore, hiring a Sikh Wedding Planner will allow you to relax and actually enjoy your day, instead of panicking about the little details. Many venues include on-the-day coordinators as part of their wedding package, but independent planners are relatively inexpensive.

Don’t drink too much

Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than awful feeling when you wake up the morning after a drunk night with a hangover. Even when you’re 90% sure you did nothing wrong, you’ll still be left with that ‘did I make a fool of myself?’ sense of remorse, and there is nothing worse than feeling that way the morning after your wedding. Furthermore, getting black-out drunk can cause you to forget what even happened, and who would want to forget the precious memories of their big day? Try not to drink too much during your celebration, or you may regret it afterwards and be left with the post-wedding blues.

Take a time out for yourself

Weddings can be overwhelming. There will be relatives and friends you haven’t seen for a while, everyone will be emotional, and you’ll no doubt be bombarded with hugs and kisses throughout the day. It’s enough to exhaust even the strongest of brides, so make sure to take some time away from the main party to relax and rejuvenate. Take a walk with your new spouse, spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom than you need to, or simply sit in a quiet space outside and breathe in the fresh air, and entrust everything to your Indian Wedding Planner.