Must-Have Images That Your Sikh Wedding Photographer Should Capture

Sikh weddings are colorful, extravagant and boisterous, not to mention, lengthy affairs that may last for days. Over the years, we here at Saiaf Films, have come to recognize and appreciate how important it is to understand the traditions comprising Sikh weddings, as such awareness profoundly influences your ability as a Sikh Wedding Photographer Missouri to capture impactful images.

Below, we’ve highlighted five photographs that a Sikh Dallas Wedding Photography should have.

1. The Bride’s Traditional Wedding Dress

Bridal prep is obviously not unique to Sikh weddings. However, the bride having her chunni placed on her head is a critical moment. The chunni is a traditional head covering for the bride. The chunni itself often has a sentimental meaning for the bride and her family. The person placing the chunni on the bride is usually a person of significance in the bride’s family.

2. The Tying Of The Turban

Just like the bride, the groom also wears a traditional headdress: the turban. The person tying the turban on the groom is often a person of significance in the groom’s family. Feel free to pose the groom as you need to obtain the best possible shot.

3. The Family Greetings

After arriving at the temple, the milni ceremony will take place. The word milni translates to “greeting” in Punjabi. This ceremony occurs before the families enter the temple. It is important to be ready to capture this ceremony as it takes place quite quickly. The two families formally greet each other. This moment can become quite playful, so this makes an excellent opportunity for capturing fun and candid images.

4. The Vows

The Sikh wedding ceremony must take place with the holy book’s—the Guru Granth Sahib—presence. The lavan are the core of the Sikh wedding ceremony. Each lavan is a verse recited by the priest from the holy book. There are four lavan and during each lavan, the bride and groom will walk clockwise around the Guru Granth Sahib. It is important not to intrude on the couple’s space as they are walking. You will also have to maneuver around your Sikh Houston Wedding Videographer and the guests, so make sure to plan your shots accordingly.

5. The Bride and Groom Shot

As with every wedding, the Sikh San Francisco Wedding Photographer must capture memorable and unique photos of the newly wedded couple. Sikh weddings are beautiful and majestic events. The couple’s attire is also intricate and colorful. This allows for breathtaking images of the couple.