Posing for Your Wedding Photos
So your big day arrives. Your makeup is perfect, and your hair is wonderfully in place. You look beautiful in your dress as you are on your way to taking your wedding portraits. But wait- you have no idea how to pose or what to do when you are finally in front of the camera. Don’t worry, our team at Saiaf Films has an extensive amount of experience as wedding photographers. Here, we share our tips and ideas to help calm your nerves about camera time on your wedding day!
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It’s okay to be nervous!
It’s one of the most important days of your life. You are more than entitled to be a little nervous. In fact, it’s expected! Instead of forcing yourself to smile the entire time- because you think you have to in front of the camera- just be yourself. Our wedding photographers love catching those key moments when you are being real. Whether your face is anxious as you wait to marry your beloved, or your eyes well up during a conversation with a loved one- those key, real, and moving moments are the best type to capture on film. So relax, don’t stress, enjoy your day and smile when you feel the need. Otherwise, raw emotions create gorgeous photos.
Aim to Flatter
When posing for formal photos, angles are key. A great idea for posing in your wedding photos is to stand at an angle. When it comes to taking the photos, remember: Take a deep breath, exhale, and then tilt your chin downwards while turning your gaze up. This helps to accentuate the great contours of your face. If you are choosing to pose with your bouquet, clutch it loosely with one hand, then allow the other to hand to hang naturally by your side. This gives a more relaxed and natural look.
Get moving!
And no- we don’t mean dancing! (At least not yet.) When taking your wedding portraits together, consider taking a walk. Take one another’s hand and take a short stroll. Why? The momentum makes for amazing wedding photos! When you are walking, your dress is flowing, your hair is blowing and the movement alone creates a wonderful energy. Plus, it gives you a chance to breathe a little bit and realign your thoughts with your beloved.
Express your love.
Although it may feel awkward at first knowing you are being photographed by your North Carolina Arab Wedding Photographer, it is important to show your love. Kiss one another, hold each other’s hand- let your love show through. If it helps, ask your wedding photographer for a little bit of alone time beforehand. That may help to calm the nerves a bit and get in the mode of acting naturally. Keep in mind, it is your wedding day. You are about to marry the person of your dreams. Express that passion with each other as it creates dynamically wonderful wedding photos.
Have fun!
This is an EXTREMELY important tip to remember. Having fun while taking your wedding party photos can create memorable and exciting photos. If you are naturally having fun, that energy will show itself in the photos your wedding photographers capture. Laugh, be quirky, and be yourselves. Of course, uniform pictures look exquisite, but fun and carefree pictures convey the energy and excitement of your special day. So relax, and tell your bridal party to do the same.
Furniture or propsIMG_2398-Edit
Utilizing surrounding furniture or props can also create an interesting and original dynamic to your wedding photos. With the use of furniture or a seating area of some sort, you can vary the height of the group. This can look more appealing than everyone standing in a standard lineup. If there are props available, use them! Adding them in can change up the vibe of the wedding photos a bit creating memorable photos to last a lifetime!
Remember, this is one of the best days of your life! Capturing it on film in your wedding photos will help those memories last forever. Here at Saiaf Films, we want to help you create those memorable wedding photos. If you need more tips or ideas to enhance your wedding photos, contact our team today!

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