Drone Photography—Fad or Fab?

Yes, drones are the new stars in town and they are taking the photography industry by storm—and wedding photography has no exception to that. The industry has been getting a taste of this rising trend, and every bridal couple is going crazy over it already.

Here, Saiaf Films will share to you the important know-hows that might be helpful when you decide to include a drone on your Gilbert Wedding Photographer package for your wedding.

Safety First

Drones today are easy-to-operate and almost anybody can fly it with the sleek remote controls that they come with. But that does not mean you can request your best friend to pilot it on the big day. It might sound fun, but trust us, it isn’t the right way to go about it. You definitely don’t want the drone to crash and land on people in the event or even on an empty turf. It is going to cost you a lot! Taking the safety factor into consideration is important. It is mandatory to have trained professionals to fly the drones. That being said, hiring a professional Pakistani Wedding Photographer Chicago that offers drone photography is the only way to go to ensure safety of everyone in your wedding.

The Weather Condition

Drones are pretty tough and the latest ones can endure tricky conditions, but they can’t stand crazy rains or heavy winds. So take the weather of your venue into account when you decide to “go drone.” Also, when you fly over a water surface, listen to your photographer’s advice on the angling of the photography. If your Chicago Muslim Wedding Photographer says this is the farthest angle we can take, then that’s it. They are set that way for a reason—it is the farthest limit to fly in and up safely over a water surface. After all, you don’t want to crib over a damaged or lost drone later, do you?

Venue Highlighting

Without a doubt, drones capture pictures that can never be captured by a ground-based Chandler Wedding Videographer or photographer. Especially if the wedding you are shooting is set in a vast, grand venue, an aerial shot with a wider perspective will be a cool capture. That’s something that no one, but a drone can do. Like the safety and legal precautions, the preplanning of this kind of shots is crucial, too. Otherwise, on the day, you will end up making mediocre shots in a hurry, which could’ve been amazing with a little preparation.

New Perspective

Like the venue shot, you can also pick up cool couple shots if you plan the location well. The usual couple shots are there, but if you can set their posture well, you can come out with some really cool stuff. The patterns, lights, and shadows on the ground serve as great composition elements for dramatic and compelling couple shots.

Plan it well with Saiaf Films, and it’s a guarantee that you can do wonders with drone photography. If done right, drone photography is totally a fabulous investment for your wedding that’s totally worth it.