Parts of a Wedding Videography

Why has wedding videography become so popular with modern people recently? The days of cheesy wedding ceremony video shot from a tripod on a VHS camcorder or Uncle Joe’s vertical iPhone video are finally behind us.

First of all, the fact that camera equipment has gotten a lot better and a lot more affordable has made high quality movies possible for more young couples. So now, we can make a Hollywood-like cinematic film of your wedding day, where YOU are the star of the movie. For a very affordable price, with the help of the Best Cultural Mesa Wedding Videographer, you can see yourself on the big screen with rich vibrant colors and movie like slow motion scenes.

Here are the most common videography parts that every Best Mesa South Asian Wedding Photographer includes in their packages:

1. Same Day Edit (SDE)

Same Day Edit is a popular trend in wedding videography today; and from the name itself, it means shooting, screening, and editing on the wedding day.

Many newlyweds want to see the finished movie on their wedding day. So, the videographer’s task is to edit raw video material as quickly as possible and create a finished video in just a couple of hours. When the clip is finished, just married couple and their guests can see it at the banquet. Even the most Affordable Chandler Cultural Wedding Videography offers this as part of their packages.

2. Reportage wedding videography

There is such a popular trend in wedding videography as reportage video, without staged shots. The emphasis is on the natural live emotions of the newlyweds and their friends. This requires that the wedding film looked as realistic as possible and was similar to a documentary or television report from the event.

This style of shooting is the most advantageous for the newlyweds and their friends, since your Chandler Arizona Affordable South Asian Photography won’t have to direct you and just allow events to unfold naturally. After all, you want to able to re-experience all the fun, touching and warm feelings, sincere emotions and priceless moments of the celebration just how they happened.

3. Wedding video trailers and teasers

Another trend is the creation of a wedding video trailer and teaser. It’s a clip that looks like a movie trailer—complete with epic music, mesmerizing panoramic shots and fantastic sound effects.

The teaser can be mounted in epic style as well. But this is a shorter video on timing. Its goal is to draw the viewer’s attention to the full-length wedding film and show the most vivid significant fragments and wow-frames. The teaser needs to intrigue – this is its main feature.