5 Tips for the Best Bridal Prep Photos Ever

Your wedding photos are memories that you will keep forever, so it’s really important to make sure that your Phoenix Vietnamese Wedding Photographer gets it right. While it’s easy to think about great shots at your ceremony and reception, a great wedding photography tells the story of your big day, so including your preparation is something you’d want to consider.
Saiaf Films has put together their five top tips for getting the very best preparation pictures on your big day.
Matching Dressing Gowns
This is a really lovely touch for bridal parties and one that is easily overlooked. We love getting natural photos of the bride and their bridesmaids getting ready on the big day, and matching dressing gowns are a really lovely touch.
You can also use the photographs as a keepsake for your bridesmaids to thank them afterwards. The same can also be said about gifts for your maids or groomsmen—not only can they enjoy them for years to come, but they can make great photo opportunities, too.
Hang the Wedding Dress
Your wedding dress is the most special outfit you will probably ever wear and you will want to remember every detail of it. If there’s room wherever you are getting ready, hanging up your dress makes for great photos. Your bridal preparation shots can also have your stunning gown in the background, which feels really special when you look back on them after the big day.

Put Your Dress On Earlier
There’s a lot to think about on the morning of your wedding, but your Pakistani Wedding Photographer Chicago will likely recommend getting into your dress a lot earlier. If you have half an hour before you need to leave, that gives your photographer time to take a few final shots before you make your way down the aisle. Those ‘big reveal’ shots when friends and family see the bride for the first time are among our favourites. Having a few spare minutes also gives you some time in case anything doesn’t run quite to plan.
Get Into Details
The little details can be easy to forget, but are important in telling the story of your big day. Whether it’s your shoes, hair accessory, cufflinks for the men, or your wedding rings, make sure to have them ready for your photographer. That way, you’re free to enjoy the build-up and the shots are done in plenty of time, leaving your Indian Wedding Photographer New Orleans to capture those special moments.
Don’t Forget the Boys
Here at Saiaf Films we prefer to get the guys’ preparation photos done first, giving us more time to capture those final exciting moments with the bridal party. If you are both getting ready in the same place, it makes the job much easier. If not, make sure to work with your photographer to plan the day. You can always ask your photographer to meet the boys before the ceremony.

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