Planning A Walima?

Planning a Walima?

As multicultural wedding photographers, our team at Saiaf Films has the ability to attend and observe all the wonderful and unique wedding traditions that take place within the different cultures. Over the years, we have witnessed some of the most beautiful and meaningful wedding rituals and captured those unforgettable moments on film. Not too long ago, we visited Las Vegas for the walima of an intriguing couple, Aroob and Zeeshan. We noticed that just like other cultures, Islamic weddings have their own variety of traditions that can vary from planning a regular wedding.  Here, we would like to share our tips and ideas for planning a walima.

Have a meeting

Planning a walima starts best by implementing a meeting between the bride and groom and any individuals who would like to help in the process. Select a comfortable location (perhaps your home or a decent restaurant) and arrange to have everyone present. Allow everyone the opportunity to share their ideas. Be sure to discuss the main aspects such as: will it be a small or a large walima? Is it going to casual or formal? Who is going to do what at the walima? This meeting will be very useful in establishing the basics and keeping an organized plan. It may also help to designate a walima coordinator. Perhaps a parent or someone who has knowledge of planning a walima. That way, they can handle any of the stressful factors that may arise.planning a walima

Shariah Requirements

It might help to select someone to ensure that the Shariah requirements are carried out. The individual should make sure of the following:

  • What kinds of foods will be served at the walima (They can ensure that there is no pork or food that is not halal at the event.)
  • Make sure the details of the marriage contract are established, including the Mahr and any additional conditions that apply.
  • They can determine the state’s requirements for marriage to guarantee that all legal aspects have been taken care of.
  • Make sure that any immigration issues have been resolved and won’t interfere with the marriage.

Walima Locationplanning a walima

Selecting a venue is always a fun aspect to planning a walima. Whether you choose a Mosque, a reception hall, a park, etc- just make sure it’s a location you love. There are a few considerations when selecting the location of your walima. Consider the price and make sure it is within your budget. Double check with the venue to guarantee that there will accept your selected catering service. Try to book the hall at least 3-5 months ahead of time.

Looking for some great visual motivation for planning a walima? Check out our gallery of Islamic walimas that we have had the privilege of capturing. And don’t forget- we have an exceptional team of Islamic wedding photographers and videographers that are available to capture your special event!