Posing Techniques for Your Solo Portraits

Your wedding is, indeed, about you as a couple. But there are also times when your Best Chandler Asian Wedding Photographer would ask you to pose solo on portraits. These portraits highlight the beautiful bridal look of the bride and the masculinity of the groom. To help you perfect these important part of your wedding photography, here are some tips from the Chandler Most Affordable Wedding Videographer, Saiaf Films.

For the Subject

1. Aim to Flatter: When having your formal portraits taken, stand partially sideways to the camera, not full-front straight on. Bring one foot in front of the other, point toes towards the camera, and bring majority of your weight on the back foot. Pull your head slightly forward and tilt a bit on one side to diminish appearance of double chin. Also, you would look much slimmer when photographed from an elevated point, so you may want to ask your photographer to step up on a chair for these shots.

2. Tag Someone Along: Bring your sister or one of your bridesmaids who you can talk to and make you feel comfortable during your photo shoot. Much better if you tag along your funniest bridesmaid. Remember that there’s nothing more attractive than a genuine laugh, and it could only be achieved when you feel comfortable on set.

3. Do not fight anxiety. Everybody gets nervous on a photo shoot, especially if you’re not used to posing in front of the cam. So, instead of forcing a smile in every shot, let yourself feel the jitters. Let your Chandler Cultural Wedding Photography catch you welling up with your mother or anxiously staring outside the window. Your real emotions will make your wedding photographs even more meaningful.

For the Photographer

4. Start with good posture. As their Best Wedding Videography in Chandler Arizona, it is your job to make your subject look great in photos. Any pose, no matter how brilliant in theory, crumbles without a solid foundation. Asking your subjects to purposely mind their posture not only makes them look taller, but also effectively highlights the most flattering curves and angles of their body.

5. Create confidence. Emphasize confidence in your subject by asking them to establish a strong and dignified pose. Empowering them to feel confident in their pose will in turn project a sense of self-assurance through your photos.

6. Give the hands something to do for more natural-looking photos. For instance, they can hold their bouquet in a loose, easy grip or pick up their dress to show movement. Show the palms or backside of the hands to exude strength, and ask them to curl their fingers slightly for a softer look.

7. Position the Face. The position of the face—especially when shooting portraits or close-ups—definitely has visual impact. Taking a photo from above your subjects’ eye level will make their faces appear slimmer, which is why it’s such a universally-flattering go-to. The shadows that this angle produces give your photo a sense of drama.