Proposal Day: How to Capture Beautiful Photos

Now that you’re all ready to take your relationship to the next level (and you finally got her that stunning engagement ring!), it’s time to plan how to pop “the question.” Make it as romantic and memorable as possible by making sure someone is there to capture that beautiful moment.

Before proposing you will think about where you are going to do it, what you are going to say and ensuring you have everything ready. If you want to photograph these moments then you need an Armenian Illinois Wedding Photographer as your partner in crime who can capture it discreetly, so your sweetheart doesn’t think you are being watched or spied on!

Find a great photographer

Firstly, find an Armenian Wedding Photography Chicago near you who can spend a couple of hours blending into the background ready to capture the moment. Finding someone who is familiar of the location means they already know by heart the place where you plan to propose. Of course, once you have proposed you can then let your partner know you had someone photographing it, and you can then get some great engagement photos too, perfect for social media!

Decide where to propose

The location where you will propose will greatly impact how easy it is for your Springfield Armenian Wedding Videography to shot great photos and even videos of you. If you plan to do it somewhere very exclusive where there are very few people, it might be difficult for your Armenian Illinois Wedding Videographer to follow you discreetly and take those photos without arousing suspicion. If privacy is what you’re aiming for but not sure how to do it, one way to get around with it is to pretend you want to do a couple shoot, perhaps for your anniversary celebration (if you’re proposing on your anniversary or any special occasion).

If you haven’t decided yet where to propose, here a few ideas:

• A memorable place for you both
• A nice walk in the countryside
• At the zoo
• On the beach
• Picturesque streets of a local city

Where ever you decide, plan it out, think about where you would like to do it, do you want to propose with people around or in a quiet moment, think where would make the best photos in that area and do it!

Key points for successful photos

• Let your photographer know the rough plan
• Think of a signal you can give so they know you are about to do it, something you may say that they could over hear, or what you could do
• Take your time, when on one knee hold it for a moment giving more time for some great photos of you and her reaction
• Remember where the camera is and enjoy the moment
• Finally, ensure you have enough time to get some great engagement photos after

Whatever you do, relax and just enjoy it, forget about the camera and go with the moment.