Pro Tips For Epic Wedding Videography


Spring is here and wedding season is upon us! Our team at Saiaf Films is super busy and loving it! It’s around these times that we like to share some of our tips and ideas for achieving the best wedding memories possible. As a Punjabi Wedding Videographer Arizona, we have an enormous amount of experience in pinpointing the best moments to capture on film, but there are also some great ways that you can ensure your wedding videography experience is top notch! Here, our team shares their tips and ideas for guaranteeing a seamless and epic wedding videography experience.

Bridal Robe or Outfit

Your special day is going to be one of the most epic days of your life. One of the best parts of this day will be the moments where you are getting ready for your event. Not only is it important to capture these moments on film, but it will also be one of your most favorite memories to look back on. That being the case, it is important to feel as comfortable as you can while you are getting all dolled up. Having a pre-selected outfit or bridal robe will make this aspect so much more enjoyable. Consider choosing a robe or an outfit that is suiting to your theme. (Check out how awesome Rita looked in her wedding videography!) Plus, having your bridesmaids in similar gear will make the moment even more memorable! These little details make for epic wedding videography of the grand “getting ready” moments.

Try Not To Chew Gum!

We completely understand the desire for fresh breath on your big day- but a continuously moving jaw can be somewhat of an eyesore for epic wedding videography. You may not notice you are even doing it, but the video will certainly capture it. Consider other options like mints, breath spray or breath strips- and don’t be afraid to request the same from your bridal party!

Hair and Makeup

Your wedding day will be one of the most in depth days for hair and makeup that you have ever had. When it comes to epic wedding videography, it really helps to have natural lighting in the areas where you will be having your hair and makeup done. Natural sunlight allows the face to be illuminated in a way that artificial lighting does not. When your hair and makeup artist arrives, consider requesting that the work be performed near a window or area that allows natural lighting to flow in.

Capturing epic wedding videography is what we do best! Following our tips will guarantee even more stunning results. Want to check out some more wedding videography inspiration? Check out our film gallery here!