Questions Your Videographer May Ask About Your Wedding Videography

Your meeting with your Affordable Multicultural Wedding Videographer Scottsdale will allow them to make a plan to ensure your video will have the tone and feel to match beautifully with the style and theme of your wedding.

So, what goes in this meeting and what questions your Most Affordable South Asian Wedding Photographer would like to get answers from you? Here are the most important ones:

Have You Set a Budget?

Your wedding videographer will need to create a quote for you so it’s worth thinking about if – and what your budget is. Most videographers will offer packages, each with their own starting costs. He’ll also ask you about your preferred method of payment. It’s worth asking him if he offers any kind of payment plan, to allow you to spread the cost.

What Type of Coverage Are You Looking For?

Are you looking at having the entire day videoed or are you looking at a combination of shoots, for example:

• Morning prep of bride and her party, such as bridesmaids
• Morning prep of groom and his party such as best man
• The ceremony
• The reception

This will allow your videographer to work out costs as it may require two videographers to capture your bride and groom’s morning prep, for example.

What Type of Edit Do You Want?

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the videography style(s) your chosen videographer specializes on. He may ask you if you prefer a more traditional video, which captures the events in chronological order or if you prefer a more modern, cinematic, storytelling type of edit to your video. Should it include a montage, or do you want to capture a cinematic feel to the process?

What Kind of Music Do You Like?

Make sure you note down a few ideas of the type of music you prefer. Simply saying ‘anything’ won’t result in the most bespoke wedding video. He’ll likely base this on the kind of music at the reception if you really struggle to arrive at a particular music genre. So, think of any special song(s) you would like to include or a song that means something to you both as a couple.

And remember, your Best Sedona Wedding Videography has probably attended far more weddings than you have, so consider their experience regarding this, they may know the timeless songs or the most stylish accompanying music. It also largely depends on the style of your desired final video as to what music suits it.

Is There a Special Gateway or Wedding Exit Planned?

After the reception, do you have a special grand exit taking place? Are you carrying sparklers or tossing anything into the crowd of guests? This will assist your Best Glendale Arizona Wedding Photography with any lighting requirements needed especially if you are carrying anything that has its own light, such as sparklers. The same applied regarding any special entrances you or other important guests are likely to be making.

Be sure to let your videographer know if you have a special vehicle planned, such as a horse and carriage, car or any other method of making your grand exit! This will help him in making sure he looks out for this at the reception, at the right time, and captures this very romantic and grand moment.