Reception Disasters and How to Handle Them

Reception Disasters 101

  As much as we don’t like to admit it, reception disasters can happen! But luckily, there are always ways to fix them. Our team of wedding photographers have attended a plethora of weddings. We have seen it all! Therefore, we would like to share our tips for what to do when those unexpected reception disasters take place.

Uh oh. Looks like rain!RAW_1_SD219-287-

So, it’s the morning of the wedding and it has started to rain. Even if you are having an indoor ceremony and reception, you will still have to find a way to prevent your dress and hair from being ruined. The best way to handle the rain? Unfortunately, you can’t control how long it lasts, so- embrace it! Send someone to pick up a number of big umbrellas to keep you and your bridal party covered. Ask your hairstylist to stay on site a little longer to make any last minute touch-ups. Then, just wing it! Pose for some shots under the umbrella for a memorable reminder of that rainy day!

Wait, I didn’t choose brown flowers?!

It can happen to even the best flowers. After sitting for a while, they can start to wilt and discolor. Consider selecting blooms that don’t bruise too easily ahead of time- lilies, sunflowers and dahlias hold up nicely. Super soft flowers have a tendency to wilt faster, especially in harsher environments. If your florist prepped them correctly, your flowers should hold up decently on their own. Just to be sure, try to keep them away from heat sources. If you are showcasing them in vases, wash the vases beforehand with antibacterial soap to prevent unnecessary decay.

reception disastersWho brought those crazy kids?!

Whether it’s your ring bearer, flower girl, the children of your invited guests, or maybe it’s your own kids- after they have overindulged on the amazing sweets or they are just high on the atmosphere of the wedding, children can get pretty wild. But, kids will be kids. If you have invited kids to your celebration, it is best to plan for the rambunctiousness ahead of time. Consider sitting them at a table that is free from glassware and fancy centerpieces. For the younger kids, maybe cover the table in butcher paper and provide a box of crayons at each of their spots. If the venue allows, consider setting up a movie to play or hire some entertainment like a clown or a magician. Maybe you can even slip a $20 to one of the older kids to keep an eye on the younger ones while the party continues.

Obviously, these are just a few of the many potential reception disasters that can take place at your wedding. Keep an eye out for our additional tips for potential reception disasters and the best ways to handle them. With a seasoned eye, you will be able to plan in advance for any mishaps that may take place.