Rita and Hossam’s Epic Multicultural Wedding


Wedding Spotlight: An Epic Mexican and Arabic Wedding

  In this week’s Wedding Spotlight, our team is proud to feature Rita and Hosam’s Mexican and Arabic wedding. After years as wedding photographers, we see beautiful and impressive wedding celebrations- all the time. This one in particular, was one of the most epic, invigorating and unforgettable events we have ever attended. Rita and Hosam were two very exciting and personable individuals. Their love for each other was so obvious- and amazing to capture on film. Our team genuinely enjoyed every minute of their beautiful multicultural wedding.

Getting Ready…


The day started as our team of female wedding photographers spent time with Rita, her bridal party and a few friends and family members as they got ready for the epic event. Rita got ready at a hotel with her crew as our photographers captured the wonderful memories on film. They were laughing and having an amazing time as they prepped for her big day. Rita looked stunning as we got remarkable footage of her and her mother, her bridesmaids and even by herself.


The Ceremony…

The ceremony was held at the exquisite Paseo near the Superstition Mountains. Our team has an unbelievable eye for amazing shots, so for us- the Paseo was a dream come true. The backdrop for their ceremony was breathtaking. With the magnificent Superstition Mountains on the horizon and a gorgeous surrounding scenery, our team was able to take monumental footage of their ceremony.

With all the weddings we attend, we genuinely enjoy the heartfelt moments that go with them. Rita and Hosam’s ceremony did not disappoint. At one particular moment, the couple exchanged some of the most moving and https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/RAW_3_SD016-748-Edit1.jpgheartbreaking vows we have ever heard. They had such passion and shared their beautiful story making their love even more amazing to capture on film.

Post Ceremony Photoshoot…

After their romantic ceremony, our team of multicultural wedding photographers had the opportunity to do a personal and stunning photoshoot of Rita and Hossam. The couple were patient and easy to work with, as well as beautifully photogenic. The desert landscape stood behind them marvelously as we took individual shots of each as well as photos of them together looking amazingly in love!

Reception…multicultural wedding

With a mixed influence from the Mexican and Arabic cultural, Rita and Hossam’s reception was an exciting and compelling event. The Paseo in particular was a fascinating venue. One aspect that stood out was the hall itself. It had such an invigorating open feel to it. Through the evening, the breeze would flow through and the ambiance was unforgettable. For the reception, Rita had changed into a beautiful dress allowing her the opportunity to dance the night away with her new husband. One of our favorite moments was when the angelic newlyweds were dancing under the string of luminous lights. They appeared to be so magically in love.

As multicultural wedding photographers, our team genuinely cherishes the mix of emotions and events of a multicultural wedding. Rita and Hossam’s wedding was truly one of the most epic and unforgettable events. It is one that we will cherish the memory of as the love, passion and excitement were so easy to capture on film. Thank you Rita and Hossam for choosing to work with Saiaf Films. We wish you a beautiful future.