5 Awe-Inspiring Wedding Reception Themes

Whether you have a look or feel in mind, or you have no clue where to begin- choosing a wedding theme is a surefire way to create an everlasting impression at your event. Our team of Sacramento Indian Wedding Photographer at Saiaf Films has experienced and enjoyed a plethora of wedding receptions and would like to share a collection of inspiring wedding themes to help guide you in the right direction for your important day.

Rustic/CountryRustic Wedding Reception

Always a charming and popular wedding theme, rustic/country styled events are gaining fast momentum and popularity. This theme is inspired by rustic decor including mason jars, lace and burlap. With venues ranging from ranches, farms or backyard locations, the rustic wedding theme is ideal for those seeking a mildly laid back and relaxed elegant feel to their wedding. Illuminated by strings of lights or lanterns, a rustic theme reception can be accented with a variety of colors ranging from coral, soft yellow, sage green or even a pastel purple.


Classic Romance

Weddings are the sign of passion and romance, so what better than a classic romance theme? Elaborate flower arrangements, surreal lighting, frosty white color palettes, a romance inspired playlist and beautiful flower petals to line the aisle are perfect additions for those seeking a classically romantic wedding. White floating candles in elaborate vases can be added to accent the perfect table setting at your wedding reception.

Multicultural Wedding


Ethnic and multicultural weddings are ideal for embracing one’s family, cultural, traditions and color! With the use of rich fabrics and vibrant colors, the perfect ethnic feel can be achieved. Enhanced with dynamic fashion and beautiful jewelry, a multicultural wedding can appeal to its guests and bring an everlasting impression. Creative centerpieces paired with flowers and vibrant accents are ideal for the table settings. A key element to a multicultural wedding is lighting. It can be strong and bright to keep up with the other decor, or soft and luminous to create a balance between light and color. Whether it is an Indian wedding or it has the South Asian flair, a multicultural themed wedding is sure to be remembered.

Vintage Wedding ReceptionVintage

A vintage wedding theme is sure to create a delightful old fashioned impression on your big day. With accents of lace and champagne sequins, a vintage color palette can include grey, rose, ivory or even gold. Using chandeliers and lanterns will create the perfect lighting hue and can be accompanied with large floral arrangements placed in vintage vases. Variations can be added by using a vintage car for transport or even a horse and wagon. The possibilities are endless and are sure to capture the elegance and beauty of a bygone era on your wedding day.

Secret GardenIMG_6856

Nearly everyone loves and enjoys the idea of a secret garden. So why not incorporate that into a wedding theme? The key to unlocking this particular theme is to locate an intimate and lusciously green venue location which is an ideal spot for beautiful wedding pictures. Using a color palette of berry tones paired with a faded indigo or pastel maroon will enhance the elegance of this vision. Pairing hand-crafted touches with richly gathered floral arrangements adds an aura of wild elegance.

Not quite sure what theme best suits you? Feel free to browse through our portfolio for examples of the beautiful and memorable weddings Saiaf Films has had the privilege to photograph. Our team is experienced with a wide array of wedding reception themes and we are happy to share our ideas and experience to guide you on your way to the perfect wedding experience.