Businesses can’t afford to ignore negative and fake reviews. However, this isn’t the case with many companies in Yelp, including us. While Yelp is one of the public’s go-to website for recommendations—whether for products or services—the website restricts small to medium businesses in different ways (i.e. blocking/removing positive reviews, encouraging paid advertisements to unblock hidden reviews).
Because of this, many companies now are actually encouraging their customers to leave ONE-STAR review on Yelp, like this restaurant in San Francisco, who is against how Yelp manages customer reviews. While we totally commend their ability to filter reviews according to its legitimacy, we are against the blackmailing and paid advertisement they impose on businesses to get hidden positive reviews to show up online.
There are so many instances like these stories. Unfortunately, whoever is on the top makes the rules. Since Yelp is on the top of their field, they are going to do whatever they want to whoever they want without consequences. And although they have blocked majority of our company’s positive reviews, we are all over the internet and the positive feedback will always find its way to our prospect clients.

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