Wedding Invitations: 5 Great Etiquette Tips

Wedding Invitations: 5 Etiquette Tips Planning your wedding will be one of the most exciting, yet overwhelming tasks you have ever accomplished! From colors, to flowers, to food, to music- details are key to planning a perfect wedding day. One important element- that may require a little bit more attention- are the invites. Wedding invitations are crucial for providing detailed information to your wedding guests along with setting the tone or theme for your big day. Here, we share our tips for creating efficient and etiquette friendly wedding invitations.

When should you send your wedding invitations?

Normally, invitations should be sent out about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. That provides guests with enough time to clear their schedules or make travel arrangements if necessary. If you are planning a destination wedding, three months in advance may be a better option. There is also the option to send save the date cards. The average timeline to send those would be about 6-8 months ahead of time. Extra notice is better than a short notice!

How long should you give your guests to RSVP?

About 2-3 weeks before your wedding date. This allows a decent amount of time for you to get the final headcount to the caterer and to finalize your seating chart. Some guests may need the extra little push to RSVP, so don’t be afraid to make a quick phone call to follow up. Even just a few uncounted guests can make a big difference on catering costs or seating arrangements!

Where should you include registry information?

This particular bit of information can be difficult to place. Whereas, you don’t want to come across as impolite asking for particular gifts, it is still nice to inform your guests where to shop- and, it cuts down the stress and confusion of gift ideas as well! Your wedding website is an ideal location for registry information. It is a subtle but efficient place to include the details along with a link to any particular places you may have registered at. Word of mouth is another alternative. Inform your bridal party and/or close relatives and allow them to spread the news of registry information.

How can you make it clear that it is “adults only?”

A great way to express that your big day is sans children is to address your wedding invitations correctly. Meaning, address each guest by name and do not include “and guests.” Your invitees should understand that the invite is meant for only those who are mentioned. If they RSVP with their children’s names added, don’t hesitate to give them a friendly call and explain that is an adults only wedding. If your family has a large amount of children, it may be a nice gesture to locate a babysitter. You can also mention this detail on your wedding website or spread the word through your close friends and family.

How do you inform your guests of the dress code?

An easy way to express your wedding day dress code is to include it in the lower right corner of the invite or on the reception card. You simply state whether it is “cocktail attire”, “black-tie,” or even “casual attire.” Wedding invitations are useful in the sense that you can clue your guests in on the style you choose. A formal and traditional invite with specialized calligraphy gives the air of the formal nature taking place at your wedding. A unique, brightly colored invitation with a playful look will let your guests know that it is a more casual event. Or, direct your guests to your wedding website where you can add some more details about the events and the dress code that suits it.

Whichever style you decide, wedding invitations are an important element to planning your wedding. It is an important tool to disperse the information and details of your big day, so be sure to take your time and do them right! Saiaf Films has a 5 star rating on Yelp and Google Reviews.