5 Ways Wow Your Guests At Cocktail Hour

cocktail hourAlthough the Cocktail Hour may not be a highlight in your wedding planning details, it can actually be one of the guest’s favorite moments of the wedding! Not only does it kick-start the wedding event, but everyone always enjoys the time sipping drinks and tasting gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Plus, a beautiful stretch of selection of finger foods and drinks make great photo opportunity for your San Francisco Muslim Wedding Photographer. Trust us when we say, we have attended countless wedding Cocktail Hours- and they are always a lively and exciting preview of how the rest of the evening will unfold. Consider the mood for your wedding and feel free to tailor these tips to best suit the ambiance you desire. Here are our tips for jazzing up your Cocktail Hour and starting the party right!

1. DIY Food & Drink Stations

It’s no secret, people like to interact at these types of events. So what’s a great way to get them involved and talking to one another? Food and drink stations! It’s a little known fact that groups of people migrate to food and drink areas. Whether you choose to have one central food and drink station, or you elect to have a few scattered throughout the area, these spots are guaranteed to draw in a crowd and enhance the mingling. Perhaps there could be an area for guests to create their own beverages with a collection of cocktail mixes or drink additions. Or add in a self serve hor d’oeuvres buffet with a collection of bite sized appetizers. These additions are great to ensure your guests are happy and satiated before the ceremony begins.

2. Music for the Mingle

Nothing quite sets the mood like a solid soundtrack during a Cocktail Hour. Choose a selection of tunes that reflect your personal style, but won’t be too obnoxious to the newly arriving guests. It’s a good idea to keep it soft, that way your guests have the opportunity to mingle without having to yell over the music. Soft, but decently upbeat music will set the tone while enhancing the ambiance.

3. Signature Drinks

Perhaps you and your beloved have a special favorite drink? Why not choose a signature drink for the night? It could be a specially designed cocktail in honor of your wedding day. Get creative and make it interesting by adding fresh fruit juices or a homemade syrup. You can even take it one step further by selecting a food coloring that matches your wedding decor. Compliment it further by having that particular drink served in a special glass that can double as a wedding keepsake for your guest.

4. Don’t forget the Cold Brews or Champagne

Old fashioned cocktails are great, but we all know a certain someone or a group of someones that prefers a cold brewski or a glass of champagne. For the brews, consider a selection of imported, lights, darks and even local microbrews- Not to mention, the bottles look great with multiple custom brands. Why not jazz up your champagne selection with a tasty addition, such as fruity puree blends, candied hibiscus, or even pop rocks! Enhance the idea even more by adding a beer or champagne “testing area” that allows your guests to try various types and flavors. Consider keeping these areas separate from the “cocktail” areas as it will decrease the chances of wait time to grab a drink.

5. Presentation

A great detail that shouldn’t be overlooked is the presentation of your Cocktail Hour. The setup and flow can really set the tone for your evening. Therefore, it is important to make it intriguing. Whether you choose to have a separate theme, or you stick with the style of your already decorated venue, consider adding a few special touches with unique decorations or hors d’oeuvres layouts. To keep your Cocktail Hour area clean and organized, it is a good idea to have your hors d’oeuvres perfectly portioned and bite size.That way, you cut down on plate and utensil usage keeping the area free of excess trash.

Here at Saiaf Films, we know how amazing each and every moment at a wedding can be. Cocktail Hour can be one of those amazing and memorable moments. By keeping it simple and adding in some flare, a perfectly executed Cocktail Hour can really set the tone for a wonderful, eventful, and memorable wedding event.