The Beauty of ‘First Look’ Wedding Photography

Beautiful, romantic, classic, exciting, fun, emotional, memorable—these are just a few of the many words to describe weddings. However, there are also some who attach other words, like stressful, busy, pressure and nerve-wracking.
Perhaps, one of the stressful parts of a happy couple’s day centers around not seeing each other before the ceremony. According to tradition, the groom should wait to see his bride until the moment when the beautiful bride in all her glory walks down the aisle. This is an incredible moment full of emotion. This is the reason why Saiaf Films find this moment very exciting to capture.
However, the modern times have changed, and bridal couples slowly adapts to the new era of weddingtraditions and wedding photography. The “First Look” photography is a trend in today’s weddings that we are seeing more and more.
What is “First Look” Wedding Photography?
This is a special moment when the groom is able to see his bride for the first time before the ceremony. A South Asian Wedding Photographer will likely position the groom looking away over a field, at the end of a pier, beneath a tree or somewhere away from the direction where the bride will appear. Here at Saiaf Films, we aim to tell the story by capturing photos of the bride approaching the groom and then seeing both of their expressions as they see each other for the first time simultaneously. It is a romantic, magical, and a moment full of emotions.
This isn’t a replacement to the walking-down-the-aisle experience, but an addition to that moment. So, in essence, you are adding more photos of the day by getting a second special look instead of replacing it.

Benefits of “First Look” Photography
Here are some reasons why you should let your Indian Wedding Photographer Scottsdale snap a few “first look” photos of you:
• Adds more beautiful photos of your day
• Takes a bit of pressure off a hectic day
• Enjoy a few minutes to yourselves in a day where everyone is vying for your attention
• Spend more time with your family and guests for not having to rush for more photos after the ceremony (first-look photos often double as after-ceremony photos)
• Your Indian Wedding Photographer Chicago will have more time to capture more wonderful photos of guests with the extra time available
• Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your lives as a couple. It makes sense to spend more time with your significant other, doesn’t it?

So, to make sure that your first-look photos (as well as all your wedding photos) will catch all the genuine emotions, work with an experienced and reliable Sikh Wedding Photographer Arizona such as Saiaf Films.

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