Our Team of Sikh Wedding Photographers Describe the Events of a Sikh Wedding

  Planning a Sikh wedding? You’ve come to the right spot! Our team at Saiaf Films specializes in Sikh wedding photography. Therefore, we have attended an impressive number of Sikh weddings. That also means we are no strangers to the customs, traditions and events that take place at a Sikh wedding celebration. As Sikh wedding photographers, we have the opportunity to get up close and capture all the meaningful moments that unfold in front of us at the Anand Karaj (the wedding ceremony of a Sikh couple.)

Sikh wedding photographersHere, we would like to share a quick reference for the main traditions that take place at a Sikh wedding. Whether you are planning a Sikh wedding of your own, or you plan to be a guest, this article can act as a guide to what you may see, participate in or may be planning for your future Sikh wedding experience.

Roka: The roka takes place when the family of the bride and groom agree to the couple’s alliance. This is usually a simple event where the bride’s family meets the groom’s family. It represents the beginning of a relationship between both families and symbolizes the couple’s engagement.

Sangeet: The sangeet normally takes place a couple days before the ceremony. It usually involves only the women and consists of music, dancing and celebrating!

Mehendi: This ceremony is also a ladies only event and involves the application of mehendi to the bride’s hands. Sikh wedding photographersThe bride’s family will then welcome the groom’s family once the mehendi application is complete. As a Sikh Wedding Photographer New York, we have enjoyed capturing this particular event on film, as it is a very monumental moment for the bride. (Check out examples of our stunning mehendi photography here!)

Vatna: This event involves the bride and groom. It is a celebration where they have vatna (a tumeric, sandalwood powder, besan and mustard oil paste) applied to their bodies. It is said to create a “glow” to their skin in anticipation for their wedding day.

Gharoli:  This ceremony takes place on the day of the wedding and involves the groom. His relatives will carry an earthen pitcher on their heads to procure holy water that is used for the groom to bathe in on his important day.

Milni: This is another exciting and monumental moment (especially for the Sikh wedding photographers.) Here, the groom and his baraat visit the bride’s home. The moment involves great vigor and style. It symbolizes the joining of both families where they greet each other and place garland upon one another.

The Wedding: Once together, the couple and their guests join for the ceremony. The wedding involves four hymns of Laav that are performed in the four nuptial rounds of a Sikh wedding ceremony. Each phase has a special and meaningful significance that defines the marriage of the soul-bride to the divine husband.

Our experience in Sikh wedding photography has taken us all over the U.S. to capture unforgettable footage of Sikh wedding events and the beautiful tradition that goes into them. Check out some examples of our stunning Sikh wedding photos here!