Do I Need a Second Photographer for My Wedding?

So, is it a worthy practice among Sikh Weddings in Stockton to pay for a second shooter? Having a second Stockton photographer (and even videographer) is becoming more and more popular among bridal couples nowadays and also seen a lot in photographer pricing packages. Whether you should decide to have a second photographer depends on a number of things.

The benefits of having a second shooter are extremely useful for…

Getting Ready Photos

With the bride and bridesmaids all getting ready together, these can make for some fun and lovely photos, shots of the bridesmaids helping the bride put the dress on, drinking wine together with the emotion and excitement of the day captured through photos.

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But what about the groom? If they are getting ready somewhere else, then this is where a second shooter is useful, you have your main Sikh Wedding Photography Stockton capturing the bride getting ready, while the second shooter is with the groom, best man and the rest of the guys.

Guest Shots

For Sikh Weddings in Stockton with very large number of guests, a second shooter will greatly benefit the occasion. This is not to say that a single Sikh Wedding Photography Stockton cannot do this nicely, but a second shooter allows the main photographer to focus on the bride and groom during the ceremony, leaving the second shooter to focus on the guests only. The more guests you have, the trickier it is to capture those fun moments, emotions and joy on your guests faces while also doing formal shots, for example.

The Venue

Be it for the ceremony or the reception of Sikh Weddings, larger venues that offer a few different vantage points allow for a range of different shot. Requesting for a second shooter from your Sikh Wedding Photography Stockton allows you to take advantage of this by being able to capture the same moment from different angles. This could be shots of the bride and groom walking down the aisle with shots from a sikh wedding photographer on the ground level and a second shooter capturing the moment from a balcony above, for instance.

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