Sikh Wedding

Traditional Sikh wedding is also called “Anand Karaj” or “Blissful Union”. As in most of world cultures Sikhs have traditions held before the wedding ceremony, at the ceremony and those held after the wedding ceremony.

The Sikh marriage ceremony, emphasizes the spiritual nature of physical union. Sikh wedding hymns describe the wedded state of the soul bride with the divine groom. Marital bliss and family harmony is exemplified by the Sikh gurus, who entered matrimony and fathered children.

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What is Sikh Marriage?

The Sikh marriage ceremony (Anand Karaj) is the prescribed form of Sikh marriage. The words literally translate as ‘Blissful Union’.

The Sikh marriage is a very special ceremony in which two individuals are joined in an equal partnership in the presence of Waheguru (God).

Marriage is a spiritual journey, not just a love affair between two people. A Sikh marriage is two people trying to help one another in their merger with God. The highest love is assisting another in the merger of the soul with the infinite (God), helping their beloved to find the true purpose of their life.

The Anand Karaj provides Sikhs with a formula for a successful marriage in the form of four rotations around the Sikh Holy Scripture, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (SGGSJ) whilst hymns are sung. The religious hymns sung describe the sacred journey of the soul merging with the infinite (God) and when applied to marriage, it results in happiness and fulfilment.

The couple circle the Guru to make a commitment with each round to God, with Guru as the witness. With each round, the couple are reminded that both God and Guru are at the centre of their lives, from whom they will receive support and understanding on their spiritual journey together.

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