How to Make Your Wedding Digital Free

In any wedding, or any special event perhaps, it’s inevitable for guests to take pictures. While there’s nothing wrong with it, random camera flashes and mobile devices blocking the view of your South Asian Wedding Photographer spells disaster in every snapshot. Or maybe, you just want a more private affair and don’t want any of your wedding photos to be posted online until you get a hold of your official photographer’s shots.

Whatever reason you might have, make it easy for you and your Fremont Indian Wedding Photographer to take quality photographs by going digital-free on your wedding. Know how you can make this possible by taking these professional tips from one of the most trusted South Asian Wedding Photographer in Arizona, Saiaf Films.

Include a Digital-Free Notification in Your Invites or on Your Wedding Website

Early notice is always a good idea! Give your guests advance warning and politely point out that you’d love if all guests could go phone, camera and iPad free for the ceremony or the reception.

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Ask your Officiant to Make an Announcement

Perhaps the most effective way to nip technology use in the bud, your guests are more likely to listen to an authority figure like your celebrate than to your subtle requests!

Put it in your Wedding Program

Whether you have or haven’t listed your tech preferences on your invite, it’s no harm to include it again in your wedding program or mass booklet. A line explaining that you want your guests to relax and enjoy the ceremony phone-free will work perfectly.

Signage & Chalkboards

Signage or chalkboards are definitely the prettiest way to help your South Asian Wedding Photographer get cellphone-free photos and encourage your guests to stop using their phones or iPads, particularly if you want the rule to apply throughout your day. Likewise if you want them to take photos, you can always include your wedding hashtag, and let them know you’d like them to hold off posting on social media until the next day. You’ll find lots of these on sites like Etsy, check out our stationery suppliers for something custom made, or if you’re creative, wedding signage can be a fun, simple DIY.

Be Specific

To avoid misunderstanding, be clear with your guests about what you mean by no technology. Do you want no photos at all, no photos during the ceremony, or no social media posts on the day or no posts at all? When your guests know the rules, they’re easier to follow!

Ask Someone to Take Charge

Ask someone, perhaps your maid of honor or your best man, to take charge on this. Let them be the one responsible to request the guests to keep their digitals until the end of the wedding. When appointing someone, be sure that he or she is willing and comfortable with the role and won’t feel intimated to remind those who attempt to overrule your request.

Encourage Guests’ Participation

In your wedding website or reception program, make your guests excited by giving them a peek of the activities and entertainment you’ll be having, such as the live band, games and photo booth. Featuring a selection of entertainment will keep them busy the entire night, keeping their attention off their phones. Encourage them to join the activities and reassure them that you will be sharing the fun and beautiful images during the party. Just be sure, though, to confirm with your wedding photographer that you’ll be needing some photos for live streaming as the party is ongoing.

Provide Disposable Cameras

If you think it’s too much to ask your guests to steer clear from taking pictures after the ceremony, but you just don’t want to take the risk of having any photos be uploaded online as the celebration is still going on, why not provide a few disposable cameras during the banquet? Place one or two cameras on every table so your guests can snap away their own photos without you having to worry about your wedding getting online. Don’t forget to leave a friendly note to encourage everyone to use the cameras, and don’t forget to label them to avoid guests from bringing them home.

Have a Photobooth or a Polaroid Station

If you’re going the whole hog and really don’t want any technology throughout the whole day, a photobooth is a nice option that allows guests to have some photos of their own, other than what your South Asian Wedding Photographer have taken throughout the day.

Take Advantage of It!

When you choose to go digital-free, your hired Chicago Hindu Wedding Photographer will surely be more than happy to work for you. Discuss thoroughly with your South Asian Wedding Photographer about your photography plans. For instance, you can provide him a list of shots you want them to capture. During the solemnization, these moments usually include the walk down the aisle, exchange of vows and first kiss as husband and wife. At the reception, these includes the arrival of bride and groom, speeches and toast and first dance.

Going digital-free on weddings is a common trend nowadays, so don’t hesitate to do it on your own. And above all, to ensure breathtaking remembrance, let Saiaf Films do their wonders on your wedding day photography.

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