Finding the Right Wedding Videographer

While still images are an essential wedding day keepsake, we highly recommend investing in an Indian Wedding Videographer to capture your special day, too. Your wedding day goes by so quickly, so you’ll want to have a video to relive all those special moments. Being able to relive your wedding vows and the speeches that those closest to you worked so hard on is something you definitely can’t put a price tag on.

Luckily, there are a lot of talented South Asian Wedding Videographer here in Arizona, so you’re sure to find the right one to capture your wedding story. To guide you through your search, here are some tips to help you pick the best one in the bunch of professionals.

Find a videographer who is familiar with your venue

Found a Bengali Wedding Videographer you love, but notice that all of their films take place indoors while your wedding will be held outdoors, in a garden specifically? Raise the question to the videographer before settling with them. If they seem affirmative, request sample films to watch, as well as show them an example of a wedding video you like from your venue, and then have them confirm whether they are comfortable shooting in similar circumstances.

Meet Them in Person

Regardless where the videographer is from, make sure to meet them in person before hiring them. Meeting them face to face will give you a sense of the staff’s personality, who might be present on your wedding day. Make sure you are able to easily build a connection, so that things won’t feel awkward on the day of your wedding. After all, these people will be around you for most of the day. Also, pay attention to how they dress and how they groom themselves. You want to make sure that they carry themselves right in front of your guests.

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Go Beyond Your City/State

Certain wedding vendors, like caterers and florists, make more sense to hire local. However, don’t be constrained by location when choosing your videographer. While filmmakers do need a certain amount of equipment, it’s usually not more than they can take with them on a plane or in a car. By expanding your options, you will surely find one like Saiaf Films who can film weddings outside of their base city. While every videographer has different travel policies, if you find someone you love who isn’t too far from your area, it won’t hurt to reach out.

Check the Legalities
If you’re planning a church wedding, it is essential to get the permission of the priest or of the minister who is conducting the service, as some churches have a policy against recording in order to preserve their image. Similarly, get all agreements you have with your South Asian Wedding Videographer into writing. This will protect the both of you if things go awry.

Communication is Key
Once you’ve found a South Asian Wedding Videographer that you like, and that fits into your price range, have a long conversation about your plans for the day and how you see the final video looking. It’s easy for wires to get crossed and it’s much easier to get any problems ironed out ahead of the big day!

Make Sure to Double Up

Another aspect to consider when choosing a South Asian Wedding Videographer is how many crew they will send on the day. Having multiple crew means multiple angles and more memories can be captured. Be sure to ask how many cameras your videographer or videographers will use on the day – two should be your minimum, after all, there are no retakes for your wedding day! It also means that you’ll get more perspectives of your big day, lending more of a holistic scope to the final product, and allowing you to get far more for your money.

Choosing the right Bengali Wedding Videographer Scottsdale to capture your wedding is just as important as finding the best photographer. If otherwise, you may end up with cringe-worthy videos you certainly don’t enjoy watching. A beautifully taken wedding video will hold onto those memories and that’s something you would want to watch over and over again.

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