Suzanne and Jake’s Western Wedding

Our Mesa Wedding Photographers Capture A Western Wedding


Suzanne and Jake contacted us when they were in search of Mesa wedding photographers to photograph their western wedding. We discovered it was being held at The Paseo, which happened to be one of our favorite spots to visit. (Check out Rita and Hosam’s beautiful and unforgettable wedding at The Paseo.) Our team was excited to capture some more stunning backdrops that The Paseo offers. From the start, we were intrigued by their delightful personalities and impressive love and passion for each other.

From the start of the event, the evening was filled with an incredible amount of love and support  from their friends and family. Everyone was very helpful and contributed in setting up and preparing for the upcoming event. The close

knit aura was infectious and really set the tone for the special night. At one moment, Suzanne mentioned that Jake had taken care of most the wedding planning! We were impressed by his enthusiasm and his knack for putting together such a beautiful event. Their vows were self-written as well, which always adds the most special effect. Jake had crafted a poem that was eloquent and beautiful.

As the Mesa wedding photographers at their event, we were really inspired by the special moments that took place. One of our favorite memories was when Jake walked down the aisle carrying their adorable daughter. She was in an a perfectly themed dress with the small cowgirl boots. The image of Jake walking with her was classic! As always, the Paseo offered a host of stunning backdrops. We captured some amazing shots of the couple with the Superstition Mountains and towering Saguaros looming in the background. The colors and the effect contributed perfectly to the western wedding.

From the cowboy boots, to the mason jar glasses and even to the full roasted pig, Suzanne and Jake’s western wedding was an exciting and beautiful event for our Mesa wedding photographers to attend. Thank you Suzanne and Jake for choosing Saiaf Films. We wish you a wonderful and exciting future together!