Syrian Weddings

If you’re a Syrian couple, your wedding ceremony will begin with an engagement ceremony called khetbeth. During a khetbeth, you and your soon-to-be-spouse sign a ktab, a legal contract that is a promise to get married. The ktab mentions the maher, or “bride price,” which the groom will have to pay before he can marry the bride.

On the wedding day itself, there are many festivities before the actual ceremony commences. The groom and the bride prepare separately, each going with their friends. While the groom’s friends are helping him get prepared, they try to prick him with a pin on the knee, with the belief that if they do they’ll get married soon, too. Similarly, the bride’s friends pinch her or tread on her toes. When the groom is nearly ready for the ceremony, his friends sing songs called “arada.” During which, they lift him up on their shoulders and parade him around the room.

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Sometimes, the groom, his friends or family set up a mock fight with swords and shields, usually hiring professionals who will come wearing traditional breeches and Syrian headgear. When the bride and groom do come together, they walk as a couple beneath two rows of men holding crossed swords, which is an ancient tradition meant to demonstrate the groom’s bravery in protecting his bride-to-be.

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