Creative Ways to Display Your Wedding Photos

You’ve spent plenty of time, money and effort to ensure you’ve got the best Texas Hindu Wedding Photographer, so why hide your wedding photos in the bottom drawer to gather dust?

With a little creativity, you’ll find plenty of ways to display your precious memories that are beyond the humble picture frames or photo albums. From displaying them in an elegant coffee table to creating a fun collage everyone who visits your home can enjoy, here are some more ideas from Saiaf Films on how you can exhibit your beautiful wedding photos in your new love nest.

Coffee Table Display

Create a talking piece in your living room with a photo display coffee table. You can arrange your wedding photos in glass-top table and change them at will and, of course, you can even display items other than photographs such as shells, ornaments and other cute little trinkets.

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Shaped Collage

There’s no missing with this eye-catching display in your living room wall or even just in the bedroom for you and your spouse to reminisce. Create a frameless collage by putting together several images to form a heart shape. You can also try other shapes, including squares, rectangles, circles and, perhaps, even a star!

Framed Collage

Conversely, you can also frame your collage. Instead of framing every single photo taken by your Fremont Indian Wedding Photographer, which takes up so much space, gather them all side-by-side and then put them in one big frame. It’s colorful and a lovely way to group photos of single events such as weddings, birthdays, etc.

Digital Frame

Other than the framed collage, digital frames are also a great way to showcase your lovely wedding photos. It’s probably the best way to display every single photo you had at your wedding at your home. You can choose to turn it on when you’d like, but isn’t it nice to casually glass over and see memories pass by?


Purchase an inexpensive corkboard and some decorative pins, then start pinning your favorite wedding photos up. It is a nice, informal way of displaying your wedding photos and the board can be hung in any room in your home.

Mason Jars

If you’re a fan of vintage décor, mason jars are fabulous for displaying your wedding photos as a collection. It’s easy to change which photos appear and, of course to replace them. This works best with black and white images or sepia prints.


What better way to make use of beautiful memories than in a way that is also functional and gets used on a daily basis? Coasters are a piece of your home decor that actually gets used, the perfect reason and excuse to display all those gorgeous wedding photos taken by your Texas Hindu Wedding Photographer. It’s also the best special something to bring out when entertaining guests!


Pictures mounted under acrylic glass are crystal clear, elegant, and pure, offering a gallery-like quality and beauty. There are a variety of acrylic products to choose from including a direct print or photo print with different paper options, and a glossy or matte surface.

Photo Calendars

Photo calendars are perfect reminders of beautiful memories throughout the year, while also serving a purpose. Print out your professionally taken photos by Saiaf Films in various calendar formats and paper texture for a wealth of creativity that will suit your taste.

Once your wedding day is over and you’re back from your lovely honeymoon, all you have are the memories of your wedding day. Take advantage of those beautiful photos taken by your Texas Hindu Wedding Photographer and showcase them in different creative ways at home.

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