The Basics of a Mehndi Event

The Basics of a Mehndi Event

  If you are planning a South Asian wedding, or you have been invited to one, chances are- you will be attending a mehndi or henna celebration. A mehndi is a very exciting and meaningful moment where mehndithe bride has her hands painted with henna designs. Whereas, it’s not as big as the wedding, it is still an important- and sometimes extravagant- event. The events and festivities may differ depending on the couple and their family traditions, but they all follow the same guidelines.

At Saiaf Films, we specialize in traditional and multicultural weddings. That being the case, we have an enormous amount of experience with mehndi photography and capturing all the beautiful moments that tie in with these cultural events. Here, we would like to share the basics of Mehndi and Henna events so you can prepare and enjoy it to it’s fullest.

Mehndi Attire and Style

Traditionally, a mehndi is performed at a decently large scale. Depending on the couple’s preference, there may be a large guest list or it may be a more intimate affair. But no matter the size, the attire usually centers around bright, vibrant and colorful outfits. Green and yellow hues are a traditional pick for a mehndi, but reds and purples are popular as well. Extravagant and eye catching accessories and jewelry are standard as well. Just be sure to wear something that is comfortable and easy to move in as dancing will take place!


Events & Celebrations

Normally, a mehndi involves an enormous and incredibly exciting amount of dancing. Whether you choose to watch or participate, this is a very fun and entertaining part of this event. If you are planning the mehndi for your own wedding, make sure you elect to have a lot of upbeat and exciting music. There will usually be choreographed dance performances followed by open dancing for the friends and family. For our Mehndi photographers and videographers, this is always a very memorable and exciting moment to capture.

Depending on the couple’s cultural or beliefs, there may be a variety of rasms that will be performed for the bride and groom. These are also very meaningful and monumental moments for the mehndi photographers to capture. Most of these traditions have been passed down for centuries and are very important to the bride, groom and their families.

Back in the day, the mehndi was usually an event where the bride would have her henna applied. These days, some couples elect to have the mehndi done the day before the wedding- that way the bride can enjoy the other celebrations and festivities without ruining the henna application. But, like many traditions, this varies depending on the couple’s beliefs or preferred traditions.

There’s no doubt, mehndi nights are among the most eventful and fun-filled events of multicultural weddings. It is the perfect time to enjoy your friends and family while paying respect to the union of the bride and groom. These events are exciting and meaningful and amongst our favorite to capture on film. So whether you are planning to attend or host a mehndi, be ready for exciting traditions and lots of fun!