Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake

Wedding CakeIt’s no secret, everyone loves weddings! There’s music, dancing, beautiful decorations- and of course- there’s cake!The wedding cake is a classic favorite for wedding guests. So, it is important to choose a good one that fits nicely with your theme. At Saiaf Films, we love the pretty ones! Why? Well, they sure do look amazing in the wedding photos we capture! After attending so many weddings, we know wedding cake. Here, we share a few tips for selecting the best wedding cake to fit your style and compliment your big day.

Wedding Cake Tasting

Not only is it the best- and tastiest- part of selecting your cake, but it is also one of the most important aspects. Pay attention to when each baker’s tasting is scheduled, and set your appointments accordingly. At the tasting, don’t be afraid to ask questions and scan their previous work. It is important to know the full range of their capabilities to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Style Selection

Although it may be tempting to choose ahead of time, try to deal with the cake selection after all the other major decisions have been made. By waiting, you will give yourself the opportunity to use the decorations, theme, or wedding style as the blueprint for the design and structure of your wedding cake. Pay attention to special details that you may want to add, and make sure you mention them to

Wedding Cake 2

your baker. Your cake should fit the flow and style of your evening, so add your accent colors and stick with your theme.

Wedding Cake Sizing

In most circumstances, three tiers serve 50-100 guests comfortably- and tastily! If you plan on having more guests, you may want to add on another layer or two. Pay attention to your venue and where the cake may be placed. If your venue offers high vaulted ceilings, you may choose to increase your cake’s height with columns in between the tiers. It will increase the stature of your wedding cake will add an impressive awe-factor. If your venue does not offer high ceilings, a traditional stacked cake will be more cake 3

Planning your wedding cake is an extremely exciting aspect of your wedding details. To save time and cut down on stress, be sure to do your research ahead of time. Browse various wedding cake styles and narrow down your options beforehand. That way when it comes time to finally select the perfect wedding cake, you will have a better idea of what you want. Still not quite sure which style will fit your wedding? Feel free to browse through our wedding photo galleries to take a look at some of the beautiful wedding cakes we have had the pleasure of seeing- and sometimes tasting!