Videographer’s Guide: How to Capture the Ultimate Wedding Video

The difference between a good wedding filmmaker and the Best Multicultural Wedding Videographer Phoenix doesn’t come down to having the best camera or gear. The difference is you. Are you the type of person that a couple wants having in their wedding? These are a few ways you can make yourself the Best Affordable Wedding Videography in Arizona.


To capture a memorable video, our videographer here at Saiaf Films recommend taking short clips of around three to five seconds in length. The camera operator should consider the composition and meaning of each shot, and shouldn’t keep shooting when there isn’t much going on.


The videographer should also consider the audio when taking a shot. What is being said at the time of rolling during a wedding is sometimes more important than what is being visually presented. So, with this in mind, steer clear of the crying baby at the back of the church if possible.

Be Patient

The Best South Asian Videographer Tucson is very patient and calm when recording a wedding. If you are always in the go to search for the perfect shot, you may be in danger of missing it out. Remember that sometimes the most interesting things are waiting to happen and merely require you to just be patient.

Leave the Photographer Do His Job

As keen as you may be, provide the Most Affordable South Asian Wedding Photographer Chandler with some air to breathe. This way, they can go about shooting the all-important portraits that will no doubt hang in the couple’s home for years to come. If you stand by and record the motionless poses you are in danger of making family members feel awkward and annoying the photographer.

Split the Video in Two

And finally, we suggest splitting the video acquisition into two categories – roll A and roll B. Make roll B everything that happens during the day—the speeches and drunk dancing; and record the important bits on roll A, like the vows and the ceremony. This way you give yourself the opportunity to be visually creative while also remembering to capture the serious, necessary bits.