Elegant Wedding Hijab Styles

Beautiful Wedding Hijab Looks

  As a wedding photography and videography team that specializes in multicultural weddings, Saiaf Films has had the privilege of capturing some of the most beautiful brides! Our experience has provided us with a deep understanding of the beauty and elegance behind the wedding hijab and the brides who wear them. The hijab is a type of veil worn by a bride to symbolize spiritual aspiration. Over the years, it has been adapted for brides to express their own style by adorning the hijab with different drapings or accessories. Here, our team shares the beauty and elegance in a variety of wedding hijab styles and the beautiful brides who wore them.

Elegant Turban Style Hijab

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/IMG_6654-Edit1.jpg      https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/IMG_96661.jpg

Words can’t even describe the beauty and elegance of this particular hijab style. It provides the perfect combination of lace, pearl and tulle all in a gorgeous bright white. The bride is wearing a white under-scarf beneath an elegant lace accented fabric. Placed into a turban style hijab, the bride is complimented perfectly by the vibrancy of the white material. We love this chic elegant style which gave this bride a classic and timeless appeal!

Jeweled Hijab

wedding hijab

This bride selected an elegant, simple white hijab that is accented with a eye-catching jeweled headband. The hijab itself is topped with single tier, tulle veil  that drapes behind her perfectly. The soft cream colored wedding hijab frames her face in a subtle, yet beautiful way. Her jeweled headband pairs with the elegant jeweled belt of her wedding dress adding a unique combination of accents.

The Lifted Hijab

https://saiaffilms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/IMG_1634-Edit1.jpgwedding hijab

This stunning bride is adorned with a hijab that is lifted towards the back to provide a heightened effect. The hijab itself is draped in multiple folds towards the front in order to create a subtle cascading look. Her face is framed beautifully by this particular hijab style.

The Regal Hijab


This hijabi bride looks majestic with her heavily embroidered dupatta. This particular hijab is exquisitely accented with an abundance of jewels, which complement her wedding style perfectly. She looks stunningly regal as the wedding hijab lays loosely over her shoulders. Elegance and beauty are obvious with this gorgeous style.