Wedding Spotlight: Ahmed and Sara’s Muslim Wedding

Muslim Wedding at the Cedars in Phoenix, AZ

  Ahmed and Sara are some of the most tender and compassionate Muslim Weddinghuman beings our team has encountered. As a Muslim couple from Iraq, it was their goal to have a very family oriented wedding. After seeing our website, they called us from out of state and recruited our team of wedding photographers to capture their special day on film. With friends and family flying in from all over the world, the beautiful couple expressed how important it was to have their guests included in the wedding portraits. Per their request, we tailored the photos to fit their wishes and captured an amazing amount of moments with their family and friends.

Pre-Ceremony Photo Shoot
Before their wedding at The Cedars in Phoenix, AZ, our team of wedding photographers took photos of Ahmed and Sara at a local industrial park. With tall glass buildings Muslim Weddingand luscious green grass at the forefront, this park created the perfect backdrop for breathtaking wedding portraits. With such a photogenic couple surrounded by beautiful scenery, we shot over 200 photos in the hour that we were at the park! When Sara looked through some of the pictures, she was in awe of our creative composition. One of our favorite photos from the pre- Muslim wedding shoot was captured right as the sun was setting behind Ahmed and Sara. This silhouetted image has become an iconic photo at the Saiaf Films studio- and is a favorite among all who see it.

Ceremony & Reception
When we arrived at The Cedars, the decor was breathtaking! With gorgeous candlelights radiating from the wedding hall, the room was adorned with wedding bouquets of white and purple flowers. There were tall crystal vases as centerpieces and an elegant ivory cake with delicate purple designs. Ahmed and Sara’s 120 person Iraqi Muslim wedding was an intimate gathering of loved ones. As promised, our focus for this night was to get an ample amount of photos with the Muslim wedding couple and their visitors who traveled from around the world.

Muslim Wedding

The night was full of dancing and excitement as the couple and their family and friends had the time of their life. At dinner time, we were so humbled when Ahmed and his sister served us food before they sat down to eat. This was one of the kindest and most memorable gestures that we’ve ever received at a wedding. It truly demonstrated how thoughtful and kind hearted Ahmed, Sara and their family are. After a delicious dinner, the reception commenced with more energetic dancing to traditional Muslim wedding music and fun as the families enjoyed each other’s company.

Our Favorite Moment
At Saiaf Films, we cherish memorable moments. One of our favorite moments from this event happened later in the evening. On the dance floor, a song played that held a lot of meaning to Sara and her mother. They looked at each other, with tears in their eyes and gave one another the warmest and most sincerest of hugs. In our hearts we knew that this was symbolic of an old life ending, while a new one begins. At weddings, our team puts an enormous amount of focus on getting the best footage and always being one step ahead to get the best shot. Yet, it is moments like these that stop us in our tracks. They remind us that family is everything and that we should hold them close no matter how far away they are! Thank you Ahmed and Sara for sharing your special day with us.