Wedding Spotlight: Thomas and Jenny’s Scottsdale Wedding

Thomas and Jenny’s Scottsdale Wedding

  Scottsdale weddingThomas and Jenny requested our services for their wedding at a beautiful outdoor/indoor venue in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our wedding photographers and wedding videographer’s were there to capture every moment of their magical night. Their wedding was beautifully orchestrated and was an amazing event to capture.

To begin the day, our female photographer captured memorable and meaningful shots of Jenny while she was getting ready with her bridesmaids. It was an iconic moment as her friends and family made her laugh and carried on a wonderfully positive vibe throughout the morning. At the same time, Thomas was getting ready with his groomsmen. While in their room, our male photographer captured a photo of them with their colorful socks, laughing as they posed for the camera.

One of our favorite moments of this beautiful Scottsdale wedding was when Thomas and Jenny had their first look (these are always a Saiaf Films’ favorite!) They were IMG_0108both on the verge of tears and deeply in love. Our team captured the intensity of this moment perfectly! We really strive to focus on these particular moments as it is a perfect memory for the couple to cherish again in the future. When the intensity is strong and the love is obvious, those are the best photos to capture.

Their ceremony took place outdoors with a beautiful, lush and vibrant golf course behind them. Our team even got a shot of Thomas and Jenny as they ran down the golf course laughing with each other. When the sun was setting, our wedding photographer capture a beautiful and memorable shot of the couple IMG_0539silhouetted as they looked into eachother’s eyes. The night was exciting, lively and eventful. The event ended beautifully as the couple and their guests danced the night away. They were all such a spirited and lovely group. Our team genuinely enjoyed spending these moments with them. Thank you Thomas and Jenny for allowing us the privilege to take part in your beautiful union and beautiful Scottsdale wedding.