Wedding Venue Search: How to Find the Perfect Location

Wedding venueHow to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue Location

When it comes to selecting a wedding venue, there are a few key ways to ensure that you are selecting the right one for you and your wedding. As a major factor in the wedding planning process, it is important to be one hundred percent confident in your wedding venue selection. Here at Saiaf Films, we have visited countless wedding venues- seriously, we have seen all types! Therefore, we would like to share our tips for selecting the best wedding venue to fit your needs and make your wedding day the best it can be.

Ask yourself, what type of wedding venue are you looking for?


Most brides know what type of wedding venue they want, right off the bat. There are plenty of options to choose from, so it is important to consider all types. Traditional venues such as a hotel or a country wedding house are increasingly popular in the wedding scene– being that they are well rehearsed with weddings and offer appealing set packages.

However, if non-traditional is more your style, you can also choose from a range of unique venues including museums, art galleries, garden houses, a quaint restaurant, or even a grand theatre. It may seem like a little bit more work for a non-traditional venue, but there really are some great and unique hidden gems out there that can be worth the extra effort. You may also notice a little bit more flexibility with scheduling, decor, and costs compared to the most popular wedding venues.

Decide, what do you want from your wedding venue?

Before selecting your wedding venue, think about what your priorities are for your venue and what exactly you need it to offer. Make a list of all the important points you need your venue to include. That way, when browsing through your options, you can check off what has what and whether or not it offers everything you need. Important questions you can consider include: how many guests can it hold? Are you able to have the ceremony and reception there? How does the pricing work? Is catering in house, or can you select your own vendor? Is there outdoor space?

Visit the finalists.

After researching and deciding which ones most suit your needs, gather your list and visit those venues in person. No doubt, this can be a very time consuming process- but it is a key aspect to ensuring you are selecting the best wedding venuewedding venue for your big day. While touring the wedding venues, pay attention to all the details. Even the hard to notice details, such as electrical sockets for your music, band or DJ to set-up. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue director if things can be adjusted to suit your needs better. It’s better to know their flexibility ahead of time before finding out when it’s too late.
Although it can be difficult, do not commit right away! Before you sign any agreements, ask to see a breakdown of all the costs to fully understand what is included. Don’t be afraid to ask what happens if you choose to cancel. Knowing all angles of your wedding venue agreement is key to a peaceful and non-stressful wedding planning process.

As this is a crucial piece to your wedding process, it is important to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Don’t settle and make sure your head rules your heart to save yourself the stress of selecting an inadequate wedding venue. Choosing your wedding venue will be one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of planning your wedding, so make sure you take the time and do it right!