Wedding Venue Spotlight: Valley Ho in Scottsdale, AZ

Valley Ho in Scottsdale, AZ

  It’s your wedding day. Your ceremony has just taken place beneath towering palm trees that are surrounded by beautiful and 66e98abe23a3bef5a498a6bcebf2404blush green grass and a breathtaking landscape. In the distance, you hear the faint sound of fountains that created the perfect background ambiance as you exchanged your vows. Now, you are standing on skyline rooftop- seven towers high- admiring the sweeping views of Downtown Scottsdale. Camelback Mountain rests on the horizon providing the perfect backdrop for beautiful and unforgettable wedding photos.

In this week’s Wedding Venue Spotlight, our team shares their account for the Valley Ho in Scottsdale, AZ. The venue is trendy and perfect with a unique style that you cannot find anywhere else. With gorgeous scenery, delectable cuisine and tasty handcrafted cocktails- the Valley Ho is a wedding venue that is sure to leave with impressed and awestruck guests.Valley Ho

Venue Pricing
The Valley Ho is an unbelievably reasonably priced venue option if you are seeking a stylish, elegant and impressive wedding venue. They offer convenient, three tiered package options that can be selected to fit your wedding day needs perfectly. With prices starting as low as $2,000, each package is designed to add additional flair and options with each progressing package. Their choices that are viewable on their website.

The Valley Ho is chock-full of amazing amenity options ranging from elegant ballrooms, to gorgeous cabanas and even luscious lawn front areas. With a range of unique settings, the options are simple and easy to choose from.

  • Room deals: The Valley Ho offers a 15% discount on their Best Available Rates. Planning to use more than 10 rooms? Don’t forget to request their 25% discount on room rates!
  • Complimentary options: You and your guest can enjoy complimentary internet, fitness room use, spa facility and limited free parking in designated areas.
  • Catering: The Valley Ho offers mouthwatering and delectable catering options that are sure to make any guest drool! With a variety of options, the ideas are limitless and vary in pricing options.
  • Stellar Ballrooms: Want to create a dramatic and memorable effect? Check out the beautiful ballrooms at the Valley Ho. The SoHo Ballroom features amazing floor-to-ceiling windows. The Valley Ho Ballroom is perfect for those seeking a more discreet and intimate wedding feel.24f189be9d0937a2a10e839979b04b9a
  • Palm Courtyard: This beautiful area features towering palms and awe-inspiring landscape. With gorgeous water features and a courtyard lawn, this area is ideal for both the wedding ceremony and reception.
  • Skyline Rooftop: This memorable location is scenic and breathtaking. Perched atop the seven-story hotel, it offers panoramic views of the surrounding town of Scottsdale.
  • Sands: This area is secluded and private. Perfect with unique decor and a spacious interior, bar area and a beautiful winding patio.

The Valley Ho is grandiose and perfect for those seeking a convenient and memorable location for their Scottsdale wedding. Our team at Saiaf Films has had the pleasure of capturing breathtaking wedding photos at this location and enjoyed the unique beauty and style that it offers.