What You May Not Know About Wedding Photos

What You May Not Know About Wedding Photos

  When it comes to having your wedding photos taken, there may be a few things you aren’t already aware of. That’s okay! In case you didn’t know already, our team at Saiaf Films is highly skilled in all things wedding photography and videography. After years of working in this industry, we have developed a thorough understanding of all those factors that play into capturing amazing and unforgettable wedding photos. Over the years, we have discovered that not everyone is fully aware of what a wedding photography session really entails. Therefore, we would like to share our thoughts about wedding photos and let you in on the little aspects you might not know yet!

Engagement photos are a great test-run!wedding photos

It’s true! Believe us when we say, it is worth it to have professional engagement photos taken. Not only does it set you up with an amazing collection of photos for you and your fiance, but it also helps take the edge off. For couples who have never had their photos taken professionally, the wedding photos can be somewhat intimidating. Have an engagement photo shoot will provide you with a little bit of practice when it comes to posing and being comfortable in front of the camera. It is especially beneficial if you plan on using the same photographer for your wedding photos. Your photographer will get an idea of your photography style before your big day.

Don’t be strict on your wedding day schedule.

It is definitely important to have a wedding day schedule. Unfortunately though, things can happen. So, it is important to stay somewhat flexible. Maybe a vendor is running behind schedule, or perhaps the weather just isn’t playing in your favor- no matter the issue, try to keep somewhat of a positive outlook. Your wedding photographer will be skilled and familiar with even the worst wedding mishaps. Try to trust their instincts and roll with what they have in mind- even if it means postponing a session to a better time of day.

Your face may hurt, and your cheeks will get sore!

Of course, smiling for an extended period time does have some minor drawbacks. Your cheeks may be achy, your eyes may feel squinty from the lights. But, believe us when we say- your wedding photos will be worth it. It’s hard to keep smiling after so many photos. Try to remember just how amazing this day is. Above all, be natural. Even if your smile isn’t a wide ear-to-ear one, a subtle one is just as good if not better.

Once your wedding photos are in your hands, you will be so grateful that you elected to have them done. Especially if you choose a team as talented as the ones we have at Saiaf Films. Above all, make sure you enjoy your special day. It will make those wedding photos all the better when they are complete.