Why You Need a Pre-Wedding Video?

With all your wedding preparations in full swing, it can often be an overwhelming time. With so much planning and preparation to attend to, many couples wonder whether it’s worth taking the time to have a planned photo shoot with the Best Mesa Arizona Wedding Photographer before their wedding day.

Are you wondering too? If so, take a look below at why having a pre-wedding video is a perfect way to capture the essence of your engagement and bring an extra dimension to your wedding memories.

What Makes a Great Pre-Wedding Video?

When you decide to have a pre-wedding video, the final result can depend on a number of factors:

• Does the video capture the couple’s unique story? For example, has your videographer really taken the time to get to know you as a couple? Does he understand how you react with each other?

• How your emotions are captured in the film? Does the film fit with how you see yourselves as a couple? Has your Affordable Multicultural Wedding Photographer Arizona made sure he’s captured your important emotions and the essence of your romance?

• Do you have the Best Wedding Videographer in Phoenix? Making sure you hire the right professional who has excellent reviews and feedback can really ensure you’re getting a quality pre-wedding video.

How a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Differs from a Pre-Wedding Video?

Obviously, a photo shoot will be different as its only able to capture a single dimensional memory, as opposed to a video, which includes the sounds, living textures, ambience, movements and allows you both more freedom to demonstrate your feelings, thoughts and expressions of the love you have for each other during the day.
But how does a pre-wedding video differ to your wedding day video? Your celebration day wedding video will capture all of the important moments, from getting ready in the morning to those first few looks when you finally set eyes on each other at the ceremony, through to your vows, reception speeches and your guests enjoying your special day with you.

In contrast, your pre-wedding video will be a little more focused on the two of you in comfortable and meaningful surroundings, maybe doing something you love, such as hiking through a favorite mountain trail, or chillin’ in your favorite coffee shop or the restaurant where you had your very first date!

How Does Your Videographer Prepare for Your Pre-Wedding Video?

As part of the preparations for your wedding video, your Most Affordable Tucson Wedding Videography team will make sure you have all the help and guidance you need. Your team and you—you and your fiancé—will have to meet beforehand to conduct a casual discussion on how you want your pre-wedding video would be—style, theme and tone—and get a grasp of each other’s personality.

Your videographer will set the scene for you and create a natural shoot where your personalities and stories combine to create your own bespoke story.